Fluff Festival: A Sticky Situation Celebrating Somerville's Finest Fluff

What exactly is a Fluff Festival? If you've read about the Fluffernutter, you might have an idea of the magical power of fluff, but an entire festival dedicated to the stuff seems a bit over the top. The Somerville Arts Council celebrates a tribute to Union Square Innovation (the fluff) in Somerville's Union Square each year. So, what does this Boston tradition consist of? Let's find out together!

In summary, it's a festival to celebrate Marshmallow Fluff in Union Square and Somerville's proud tradition of innovation. Created by Archibald Query in 1917, fluff in all its forms, from peanut butter to classic, continues to fill our bellies to this day.

Here are their four rules as stated on www.flufffestival.com:

1. Innovation jubilation with arts, eats & oodles of family fun - Fluff hair dos anyone?!??

2. Fluffalicious feasts and must-have Fluff stuff from flufftastic Union Square businesses

3. Reveling in rendezvousing, near and far

4. Strutting the unexpected and quirky spirit that is Somerville

Because of COVID, this year, the fluff fest was held in the sphere of cyberspace. It was definitely successful, seeing as the company posted a note for the followers. "We can't wait until we can revel in rendezvousing with innovation jubilation and fluffalicious feasts in Union Square again."

Although they played Aeronaut Indie Trivia, in past years there has been fluff jousting, a bow market, fluff musical chairs, blind man's fluff, pool noodles, and a spoonful of Somerville. They also have a cooking contest to create fluff recipes, shenanigans stage, and many local businesses at the vendor market.

Sounds like fun right? Too bad this year was a virtual fluff festival! It's usually a a big party in the Union Square main streets (USMS). Boston good vibes are out as people chant in fluff we trust. It's just a bunch of sticky fun.

If you love the fluff concept, be sure to attend the madcap festival next year. The Somerville's Union Square tradition will live on for years to come. If you're really interested and a local, you can even join the Somerville Arts Council. You'll be helping the nonprofit use their love of fluff to raise awareness through the fluff festival.

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