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Oreo Fluff Takes Less Than 4 Ingredients and Produces Infinite Joy

If you're a little sick of your usual desserts like cheesecake, ice cream, sandwich cookies, and other dessert recipes, why not give an Oreo fluff recipe a try?

Most recipes for this no-bake dessert are very simple and tend to have just a few ingredients. If you're over pulling out the instant vanilla pudding mix for an easy dessert with little prep time, throwing this together instead is definitely worth a shot. If you're going to make a dessert, you might as well enjoy it.

What's in Oreo Fluff?

In one Oreo fluff recipe found on YouTube, you just need cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and Oreo cookies. That's it! The fluff dessert also has pieces of crushed Oreos on top as a garnish to make an easy Oreo fluff recipe for any potluck or other get-together.

Other recipes feature ingredients such as a few cups milk, instant pudding mixture in a flavor like white chocolate or Oreo pudding mix, and whipped topping like Cool Whip. Some even suggest adding mini marshmallows, and adding just one extra ingredient like that really isn't going to add to your total time spent making the Oreo dessert.

There are also some Oreo fluff recipes that are just a tad bit healthier, if you're looking for new favorite recipes but have some dietary constraints. For instance, you can follow a Weight Watchers recipe using fat-free and sugar-free pudding with fewer cookies. You mix it all together in the same in a large bowl and can still follow the other steps like crushing the Oreos with a rolling pin regardless of which route you choose. You can even call it Oreo fluff salad for a guilt free appetizer! After all, it has salad in the name. Just ignore the carbohydrates, cholesterol, kcals, and whipping cream. With add-ins like milk and cream, you can at least say this dessert has calcium!

There are also recipes out there for Oreo fluff dessert salad. It's basically the same thing, but you can be a little chunkier with the Oreos to make it more like a salad recipe than a fluffy side dish.

Oreo fluff is a delicious pudding dessert that looks right at home with Jell-O or shortcakes at any summer picnic. Try it at your next BBQ!

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