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How a Floppy Disk Repair Shop Became the Coolest Bar in Austin

If you're really on the hunt for a floppy disk repair shop, you're in the wrong place.

If you've been to Austin, Texas, you might have seen a strange place next door to one of the most popular bars this side of Dirty Sixth with a sign that reads "Floppy Disk Repair Co." The windows are mirrored out, and the door remains closed at all times. If this is your first time encountering this shop, you might not even give it a second thought. If you think for a few minutes though, you'll probably wonder why on earth there's a need for a floppy disk repair shop in 2017, and why that would be located in such a thriving, progressive metropolis as Austin.

If you decided to Google this joint, you'll find a website boasting that they are a "full service floppy disk repair company located in Austin, Texas!", followed by a call for appointments by phone only, and an apology for not having a phone number.

If you're truly in the market for a floppy disk repair shop, you're in the wrong place. What may have fooled you in the early '90s holds no merit in 2017, and visitors and locals alike have all at one point begged the question:

What is behind those mirrored windows at Floppy Disk Repair Co.?

If you're trying to get into this place by merely showing your ID to the doorman, you won't get very far. In fact, you won't get in, at all. To the left of the locked door at the entrance is a keypad where bar goers must type in a code that changes once every week or two. Why? To keep it exclusive.

Once you've cracked the code, you'll be greeted by a security guard to check your ID and ensure the joint's not at max capacity. After all, it probably fits around 50 people, and you could get turned right back out of that door you worked so hard to open.

Pro tip: Get there early and snag a swing at the bar. Yeah, they have swing seats at the bar.

What's so great about this bar that keeps people coming back for more? The secrecy and exclusivity of it keep it trendy, and once you're on the inside, the mystery begins to unfold.

Decorated elaborately with burlesque-inspired lamps, string dolls, deer heads and Ouija boards to name a few items, you're instantly transported into a red-hued land of speakeasy vibes and a vivacious drink menu to match.

No longer are you a part of a converted floppy disk repair shop, but rather the Red Headed Stepchild, a bar like no other. Drinks such as "Lean #PurpleDrank" and "Nobody Actually Liked Miranda" graze their cocktail menu, with their own descriptions of exactly what it tastes like directly under the name. 

The bartenders here know their stuff, and they won't do you wrong. This is one of the few places where you can order off menu and not be utterly disappointed by what's in the glass in front of you.

Crafty and efficient, you know that whether you're sitting at the bar or a table in the back, you're going to be taken care of. Oldies play through the speakers, making you forget your worries, allowing you to be totally submerged in the experience at hand.

If you've been once, there's no denying how this sly Floppy Disk Repair Co. made it's way into the hearts of many, and on the bucket list of residents and visitors alike. How do you get the password?

Well, the way everyone does: word of mouth. We'd love to give you the inside scoop, but that'd take away from the magic of the Red Headed Stepchild, and that's something we just simply cannot do.

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