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Song Premiere: Flatland Cavalry Explores Vices on 'Sober Heart of Mine'

Lubbock, Texas-based band Flatland Cavalry captures the longing to free your inhibitions without the help of alcohol on "Sober Heart of Mine."

"If drunken words are sober thoughts/ I'd tell you what's on my mind," frontman Cleto Cordero sings over a rhythm that moves along with the pace of a booze-fueled, tipsy stroll. "Purge the pride and the pain that I drown in when I'm dry."

Cordero says the song was inspired by a night of drinking and reflecting.

"I wrote that one after a night of drinking, thinking 'man, I feel good. I wish I could feel this good sober. I wish I could feel more fun, more relaxed, more confident when I'm not drinking.' And then it made me sad. Sad to think I'd have to rely on the bottle to have 'a good night.' And sad to think I may not ever experience what sober really means," Cordero tells Wide Open Country. "The song imagines what could happen when we don't ever get to know ourselves, not under the influence of any of our vices."

Listen to "Sober Heart of Mine" below.


"Sober Heart of Mine" is featured on The Next Waltz: Volume 2, a compilation from Bruce Robison's web series and multi-platform music delivery concept of the same name. The album also features William Clark Green, Carson McHone, James Steinle, James Baumann, Kelly Willis with Bruce Robison, Carrie Rodriguez and Evan Felker.

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