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Song Premiere: James Steinle Honors South Texas With 'Brush Country Bound'

On "Brush Country Bound," Texas singer-songwriter James Steinle does for South Texas what legendary songwriter and artist Terry Allen did for Lubbock and the Panhandle. The song, which is featured on Steinle's forthcoming album Live at Hole in the Wall, celebrates the tough land and tougher people that make up the region southwest of San Antonio.

"For a while after moving back home to southern Texas after spending much of my childhood in Saudi Arabia...I was thinking and writing a lot of songs about that part of the country," Steinle tells Wide Open Country. "Being away for so long really concentrated my love and attachment to the land my ancestors had worked for so many generations. This song was written during a big County & Western Swing kick I was on where I was listening to a lot of Bob Wills, Gene Autry, Eddy Arnold...folks like that. The 'Brush Country' I'm referring to in the song title is the geographic area southwest of San Antonio that spans all the way down to the Rio Grande Valley and all along the Frontera. Essentially it's the region of Texas where everything's going to either scratch or bite you. It's hard country. But it has its own brand of beauty. So I figured I would pen a few a feel-good south Texas songs...this is one of them. This song was definitely one of the highlights of the set at the live recording. All the folks there really turned loose and got into this one."

Listen to "Brush Country Bound" below.

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