Lay's is Bringing Back Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Potato Chips

Our favorite Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle potato chips are back for good! Last year Lay's released eight new potato chip flavors inspired by different regions of the United States. Some were great (Cajun Spice, Fried Pickles with Ranch, Pimento Cheese) and some were straight-up interesting (New England Lobster Roll, I'm looking at you). Then, a few months later the chip brand used music to influence its newest chip flavors. And now one of them is back for good.

Turn up the Flavor on Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Potato Chips

This past February, Lays released three new flavors of chips inspired by the music genres, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock. We had Wavy Electric Lime & Sea Salt, which combined with pop music, made any time a good time. For the Rockers, Lay's brand released Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese that provided a crisp flavor. And when it came to Hip-Hop, Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix captured the flavor of Hip-Hop music to a tee.

The only thing wrong was that these chips were only on shelves for a limited time. Thankfully, Frito-Lay has brought Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle chips back to the shelves as a permanent fixture.

"We know Flamin' Hot is an undisputed crowd pleaser for those that love spice, but tangy flavors are also on the rise," says Katie Ceclan, senior director of marketing for Frito-Lay North America shared with "Fans love the surprising flavor combination of a sour pickle laced with heat, so when it came time to choose a flavor that would turn people's heads in Lay's brand-new packaging, Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle was the clear winner."

This brings the pickle chip count up to three for the company, who also sells Dill Pickle and Fried Pickles with Ranch flavored potato chips.

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