How to Fix Lumpy Gravy

If you're hosting a dinner this holiday season, chances are you'll be making some sort of gravy or roux for the meal. Maybe in the past, you've had some bad luck and ended up with lumpy gravy and been unsure how to fix it. Don't worry — we've been there.

There's actually some foolproof ways and simple tricks to make smooth gravy in the first place, or to fix your gravy so it's lump-free after a little bit of tweaking. If you're in charge of making the gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey or other holiday dishes like mashed potatoes or some specific appetizer, read on to learn how to avoid lumpy gravy.

How Do I Fix Lumpy Gravy?

If you've already made your gravy and it's far from lump-free, don't panic. Before you sadly pour your turkey gravy or another flavor into your gravy boat, try these simple tricks.

Gravy is generally made from flour or cornstarch, fat from meat, and liquid. The cornstarch or flour acts as a thickener in gravy, and the issues with lumpy gravy show up when it's being added to the concoction. (In a roux, you combine equal parts flour and fat, and the fat is usually butter or meat pan drippings.)

To avoid your gravy from becoming lumpy, make sure to add in your thickener slowly. If you make sure to keep whisking as you're adding it, there's less of a chance your gravy will end up with lumps.

But if you are left with lumps in the gravy anyway, there are ways to fix it. The first is to just keep whisking — the chunks might break up on their own.

The second solution is to use a mesh strainer or fine-mesh sieve to separate out the lumps. As long as there aren't a ridiculous number of them, you should end up with smooth gravy that's still flavorful and rich.

Are There Other Ways to Fix Lumpy Gravy?

You bet! If those tricks didn't work, it's time to whip out your food processor or your trusty blender. Although the tips above will usually do the trick to sort out the cornstarch or flour lumps, sometimes you need a bit more oomph than hand-whisking alone can offer to set your turkey gravy straight. You'll be able to puree it in a food processor in no time.

It doesn't take much to fix lumpy gravy, so don't freak out if yours doesn't look perfect at first. You've got this!

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