Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott in 'Lessons in Chemistry' (Apple TV+ via Instagram)

Brie Larson Plays a 1960s Chemist-Turned-Chef in the First Teaser for 'Lessons in Chemistry'

Apple TV+ has unveiled the first teaser trailer for its upcoming limited series Lessons in Chemistry, and it's a pastel-hued rockabilly paradise. Starring and executive produced by Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson (Room), the drama centers on a 1960s female chemist who unexpectedly finds herself the star of a popular cooking show.

Based on Bonnie Garmus' best-selling debut novel of the same name, Lessons in Chemistry is slated to debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, October 13. (It's an eerie date, which leads this viewer to believe the midcentury perfection of it all will take a dark turn.)

The 8-episode series follows Elizabeth Zott (Larson), a female chemist in the early 1960s working on an all-male team at Hastings Research Institute. When she finds herself pregnant and fired from the lab, Elizabeth turns her scientific mind toward the kitchen and stars in her own cooking show, dubbed Supper at Six, in which she teaches a nation of put-upon housewives a lot more than recipes. Oh, and Outer Range favorite Lewis Pullman also stars as the brilliant, Nobel Prize-nominated scientist Calvin, with whom Elizabeth strikes up a sweet romance.

In the 44-second first look released by Apple, Larson's transformation from dowdy scientist to cooking show superstar can be seen in all its candy-colored glory. We glimpse the pink cabinets and gingham wallpaper of her set kitchen, along with her apron of choice: a green-and-white belted lab coat. Towards the end of the clip, the Captain Marvel star puts her hair up in a pencil bun, looks directly into the camera and gives her no-frills intro: "Welcome, viewers. My name is Elizabeth Zott, and this is Supper at Six."

Yeah, if you find yourself in need of an aesthetic, early '60s period drama with more than a dash of girl power this fall, Lessons in Chemistry is the show for you.

Created by Emmy-nominated producer Lee Eisenberg (The Office), Lessons in Chemistry also stars Aja Naomi King (How to Get Away with Murder), Stephanie Koenig (The Flight Attendant), Kevin Sussman (The Big Bang Theory), Patrick Walker (Gaslit) and Thomas Mann (Winning Time). Jason Bateman (Ozark) and Susannah Grant (who received an Oscar nomination for her Erin Brockovich screenplay) are also among the show's executive producers.

Lessons in Chemistry premieres October 13 on Apple TV+.

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