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No One, Including First Lady Melania Trump, Can Resist Whataburger

We all know that Whataburger is a true staple of Texas, but this week proved that no one, not even first lady Melania Trump and second lady Karen Pence could resist the taste of a good ol' fashioned Whataburger. The ladies stopped at the fast food chain in South Texas while visiting the area to meet with families affected by Hurricane Harvey while President Trump and Pence where in nearby Rockport visiting homes and businesses.

As KXAN reported, Trump and Pence joined Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott and Land Commissioner George P Bush, and the group visited an elementary school in Aransas Pass. What was most necessary, however, was a small pit stop to the beloved burger joint.

The burger chain first opened in 1950 in Corpus Christi-today there are over 809 Whataburger stores in the south and southwestern United States.

As for Whataburger, we know the Trumps are no strangers to fast food. As we featured in covering the McDonald's orders of famous celebrities, we learned that a normal McDonald's order from him includes "two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted." Where are the French fries?

Although we do not know what the leading ladies ordered, we can assume they gobbled it all up during their pitstop. Like we said, who can resist a Whataburger?

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