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The McDonald's Orders of 7 Celebrities, from President Trump to Heidi Klum

It's not often that you can use the phrase, "Celebrities, they're just like us!" However, if there's one equalizer for us all, it's definitely the drive-thru lane at McDonald's. It's not easy to resist those McFlurries or the hot apple pies, but have you ever wondered what celebrities order at McDonald's? Sure, the Coca-Cola tastes better there, but not everyone is signing up for a soda.

From President Trump to British soccer legend David Beckham, here are 7 celebrity fast food orders from McDonald's.

Famous Celebrity McDonald's Orders

1. President Donald Trump

If there's one meal that got President Trump through his presidential campaign and current event appointments, it's the Fillet-O-Fish. Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie told The Washington Post that during their time on the trail, Trump consistently ordered McDonald's. And his order was no laughing matter.

The President often ordered a meal of "two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted." In an excerpt from their book, Let Trump Be Trump, the two stated that Trump's diet can be distilled into four basic food groups: "McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza, and Diet Coke."

The former president also caused an uproar on social media when he served McNuggets and Quarter Pounders to the Clemson Tigers after their National Championship win. It was the first time a fast food chain meal was prepared for the visiting football players.

2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has been known to post a photo or two of her love of McDonald's. The model and television host has been seen with Double Cheeseburgers in hand, and proudly doesn't shy away from it.

It was even shared in a tweet that Klum loves BBQ sauce!

3. Mindy Kaling

The star of The Mindy Project has explained her love of McDonald's so much, the brand even tweeted her a Happy Birthday message!

She treated her staff on The Mindy Project to a goodie bag of Happy Meals and Shamrock milkshakes from the McDonald's menu, and honestly, we're sad we weren't invited to enjoy this celeb celebrity meal.

4. David Beckham

In 2017, David Beckham was spotted at a McDonald's in Chippenham across the pond. His server revealed that the beloved Beck order a Big Mac meal with two cheeseburgers.

Could they all be for him? We'll never know, nor do we need to.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

In a 2013 interview with MTV, she shared her love of McDonald's with a few tips after she ordered McDonald's for the Oscars broadcast. While she didn't order fries that time around, she told interviewers that one must remind McDonald's about including the ketchup for fries because they never do.

She did have one piece of advice to all of the McDonald's fans out here: "Never the nuggets."

6. Kim Kardashian West

In the past, Kim Kardashian West revealed her favorite McDonald's items in a blog post that was featured by the brand. The entertainment mogul wrote that she always gets an order of small fries.

For her meal, she either orders chicken nuggets with honey, or a cheeseburger with chicken nuggets to eat half of each. Which brings us to her husband.

7. Kanye West

Did you know Kanye West even wrote an exclusive McDonald's song? Featured in that above blog post, here are the lyrics.

"McDonald's Man
McDonald's Man
The French Fries Had A Plan,
The French Fries Had A Plan
The Salad Bar And The Ketchup Made A Band Cus
The French Fries Had A Plan,
The French Fries Had A Plan
McDonald's Man."

While one might assume this means his favorite thing to order is fries, but a hot apple pie would be a good guess since his wife, Kim Kardashian West, once stated on Snapchat that it's part of her go-to order, too.

McDonald's has also collaborated with a few celebrities to bring their famous orders to the people. Rapper Travis Scott's signature order of a Quarter Pounder with Sprite earned him a whopping 20 million. Shortly after J Balvin's meal (which included a Big Mac sandwich, medium fries, and an Oreo McFlurry) was announced.

Most recently South Korean band BTS, announced the BTS meal which includes McNuggets and South Korean-inspired dipping sauces. The cajun and sweet-chili inspired by McDonald's South Korea menu items were a favorite for TikTokers.