Firerose Alleges Billy Ray Cyrus Filed For Divorce Before Big Surgery
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Firerose Alleges Billy Ray Cyrus Filed For Divorce Before Big Surgery

Firerose is hurling some hefty allegations back in Billy Ray Cyrus' direction. She's claiming the 'Old Town Road' sidekick files for divorce intentionally.

Firerose receives news of the divorce a day before she undergoes a double mastectomy. In 2020, doctors diagnose her with a special gene mutation that increases the likelihood of breast cancer. Naturally, they highly recommend she lets them perform the surgery as a preventative measure.

However, as the date for her procedure drew closer, the once happy home became an absolute mess. She says Billy Ray Cyrus would routinely verbally abuse her. Moreover, he also threatened to kick Firerose out of the house they made a home.

Naturally, Firerose walks around like a ghost, hoping she doesn't overstep her bounds and cause further conflict. The last thing she wants is for Cyrus to continuously scream at her for seemingly minor infractions. She alleges that Billy Ray placed her "into an emotional and psychological prison."

In a massive complaint to the court, she details some of the unruliness in their home. "When Wife would attempt to voice certain concerns, Husband would often call her a 'selfish f—ing bitch' and continually alleged that she was using him," it reads. "With Wife's major surgery date looming, she was reasonably afraid to leave or seek any type of help because she feared that Husband would interfere with her surgery or her lengthy recovery at home."

Billy Ray Cyrus Files Divorce and Temporary Restraining Order on Firerose

This comes on the heels of Billy Ray Cyrus filing for divorce and a special kind of restraining order. He claims their marriage never stemmed from a pure place. Rather, he alleges Firerose merely needs him for monetary reasons, not for any basis rooted in true love.

Furthermore, he files for a temporary restraining order, prohibiting her from access to his personal and business credit card accounts. According to court documents, she spent almost $100k on a variety of different charges. Some of the charges prepares her for the divorce Cyrus files.

Conversely, this goes against Firerose's claims. She says Billy Ray Cyrus happily paid for her surgeries and knew of these issues when they got married. Additionally, she prepared herself to cover anything he couldn't. Her statement continues, "Wife relied on Husband's promises to pay for her surgery, and Husband has now repudiated that promise. On the day Wife was set to get her surgery, she was instead searching for a place to live and under a significant amount of emotional distress."