Try Fazoli's 5 Best (and Worst) Menu Items for Italian Comfort Food

Fazoli's is a fast casual Italian restaurant serving up comfort classics all over the country, from Lexington to New York. The Fazoli's franchise can be found all over the US with 219 locations serving baked spaghetti, chicken parmigiano, and more. It was started in the unlikely state of Kentucky. Recently, the company franchisees have adopted some new changes like introducing new menu items, including larger items like family meals. Team members are also around to check-in with guests and provide refills on drinks and breadsticks.

They're most well known for hearty Italian dishes like pizzas, pastas, meatballs and breadsticks. They're a great option for a midweek meal when you need the convenience of fast food with the taste of home cooking. Fazoli's has been especially great during the pandemic since many locations offer a drive-thru options.

The Fazoli's menu is filled with carb heavy options, as well as some healthier choices. We've rounded up the best and worst menu items to choose from, whether you're a regular or a first time visitor.

The Best Fazoli's Menu Items

1.Primo Submarino: Turkey Club Classico

This is definitely the healthiest of the sub choices, but packs a lot of sodium. We suggest splitting the sandwich and ordering a house side salad.

2. Spicy Italian Breadstick Slider

Fazoli's is known for their delicious and pillow-y breadsticks. These are fewer in calories than the original and pack a lot of protein into a small bite.

3. Baked Lasagna

Lasagna isn't often thought as synonymous with health. However, this lasagna packs a ton of fiber, making it a better choice than some of the other pastas.

The Worst Fazoli's Menu Items

4. Ultimate Fettuccine Alfredo

Arguably the worst, and possibly most delicious entree is the Ultimate fettuccine alfredo. Loaded with chicken, bacon, parmesan, broccoli, and mushrooms, it packs a punch with flavor and with calories.

5. Pepperoni Pizza Double Slice

What makes this dish unique is that it's actually 2 slices of pizza stacked on top of one another. It's topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and provolone cheese.

6. New York Style Cheesecake With Strawberry

This cheesecake has more sugar than an entire can of soda. It is delicious, so if you really can't resist, we suggest sharing with a friend.