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Los Angeles-Based Fatburger To Open 25 Locations in Texas

Texas is about to get fat... Fatburger that is. In a recent press release, the Los Angeles-based fast-food restaurant announced that 25 new Fatburger locations will be opening in the Lone Star State with locations in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Is Whataburger going to have a run for their money as Fatburger, the last great hamburger stand, opens for business?

What is Fatburger?

Founded in 1947 by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles, Fatburger started as a hamburger stand out of her garage with only three stools for people to sit on. Today there are over 200 locations in over 20 countries. The burger chain focuses on serving taste fast-casual menu items such as tasty burgers, real ice cream milkshakes, homemade onion rings, fat fries, and buffalo wings.

"The great state of Texas has spoken, and we are answering by developing 25 new Fatburger locations for the market," said Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of FAT Brands. "We are thrilled to offer our delicious, homemade burgers to Texans for many years to come."

The CEO of Croft Ventures, who is the parent company of the new franchise locations in Texas also commented on the new restaurant chain coming to Texas. "Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the country and we can't wait to turn Fatburger into its new staple burger joint. We are ready to expand Fatburger to the state where everything is bigger," said Curtis Croft, CEO of Croft Ventures "This is the next BIG chapter for FAT Brands and Famous Franchises."

There are no dates set on when the chain will open in Texas, but when it does, make sure to try their original Fatburger, or if you are up to a challenge, the Triple King Burger (XXXL) is packed with 1.5 lbs of burger-goodness.

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