After Bee Attack, Kentucky Farmer Gives Most Country Interview Ever

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The story of how a drunk couple crashed their car and caused a swarm of angry bees to attack those nearby may not seem that interesting. When the story is described by a Southern man named Gary Lee Anderson, well, that's another story.

You see, Anderson is one of the most country guys we've seen in awhile. He was the eyewitness to the crash, which happened on his property in Kentucky.

"Well, I just had got done feeding my chickens, waterin' em and stuff, and I walked back to my house there to get my phone so I could play a video game on it," he explained to WKYT. "All a sudden I heard a big "BOOM!"

After the collision, Anderson watched as the couple ran toward his property and used his hose to wash themselves off. He had no idea what was going on, but made sure they knew that they had overstayed their welcome. "I didn't know they was getting eatin' by bees I thought they was jus high," he said.

Anderson called the police and finally realized that bees had actually tried to attack the couple. Although he received a few bites himself during the strange event, he seems to have taken it all in stride.

The video of Anderson's charismatic interview has earned over 1.1 million views since it was first shared last July.

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After Bee Attack, Kentucky Farmer Gives Most Country Interview Ever