'Farmer Wants A Wife' Fans Are Blasting Upcoming Season For This Reason
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'Farmer Wants A Wife' Fans Are Blasting Upcoming Season For This Reason

First and foremost, I had no idea Farmer Wants A Wife was a thing. But I love how truly bizarre and unique the concept is! Unfortunately, it appears the hardcore fans of the show are significantly less impressed. Channel 7 unveiled the newest farmers on the block. Hoping, of course, that people would be excited for the upcoming season! Things didn't quite go as planned.

Following the above link takes you to the announcement if you'd like to ogle some farm boys! But, more importantly, it takes you to the abrupt, constant backlash leveled against the show's decision to cast what appears to exclusively be young men.

"Seriously Where are the older Farmers in there 40 50 60's," one Instagram user laments. "One 35 and one 31 the rest are babies... ridiculous! Where are the older farmers?" another user chimes in.

I realize I have no right to a concrete opinion seeing as I found out the show existed 30 minutes ago. However, I agree there could be more age-based diversity among the cast! It expands the experience pool and would give producers more to work with, I'd imagine. But it's likely that "old people aren't cool/won't attract any viewers" if we're going by the "typical" metrics when making such decisions.

'Farmer Wants A Wife' Fans Aren't Happy About The Upcoming Season's Cast

"Young bucks again, no doubt decent people. But where are the mature Men in their 40s and above?" But the next comment is the one that took me out. "Why's a 20 yr old need help to find a wife?"

It's such a good question! Why does a group of young, conventionally attractive people need "help" finding partners? If anything, a "mature" group gels better with the farmhand aesthetic that makes the show unique! How many "young, attractive people" dating shows are there? A million of 'em.

Don't y'all want "real-life" (for a reality TV show, anyway) Yellowstone that's just the "Aw, shucks!" wholesome farmhand romance parts? Like one of the commenters said, I'm sure those men are fine fellas. But as it stands — and maybe I'm wrong — it seems to me that it's just "The Bachelor: Farmer Edition."