Fall Yankee Candle Collection

The Fall Yankee Candle Collection is Officially Here

The time I look forward to all year has finally arrived. As soon as August rolls around it's definitely time to start stocking up on all of the best fall scents because they are almost the best (you just can't beat Christmas). Nothing says home sweet home like a good candle. 

One of my favorite brands, Yankee Candle, has released their new fall candles and the selection is so amazing it's taking everything in me not to get a large jar candle in every scent. While I love some of the usual seasonal contenders like autumn wreath, apple pumpkin, crisp fall night, there's always room for more candles on my shelf. 

1. Persimmon & Brown Sugar

Move over pumpkin pie, hello all of the sweet home fragrance smells of ripe persimmon, brown sugar, cinnamon, and apple. 

2. Ciderhouse

Is there anything better in the crisp fall weather than enjoying a warm caramel apple cider? This new scent is more of a spiced version of the classic honeycrisp apple cider.

3. Golden Chestnut 

The warm ground chestnuts and spices make this new scent truly delectable. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...how about in candle form?

4. Sweet Maple Chai

A chai latte is a perfect alternative to coffee once the weather cools down. Throw in some maple and you get this perfect fall candle that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy every time you walk in the room. 

5. Farmstand Festival 

Did you think you were even capable of putting the smells of an autumn market into a candle jar? It's entirely possible. Woodsy and berry scents make this perfect for the new season, you can feel yourself walking off when a basket full of ripe McIntosh apples. 

6. Dried Lavender and Oak  

All of the best fall smells are captured in this candle. While we love autumn leaves, the woodsy spices accompanied by relaxing lavender make this an unexpected favorite.

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