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This North Texas Adventure Park Lets You Drive Earth Movers

Have you ever wondered what it's like to get behind the wheel of a bulldozer? You can make those dreams a reality at a unique adventure park located near Dallas.

Extreme Sandbox, located in Pottsboro, Texas, gives you the chance to channel your inner construction worker. Visitors can get behind the wheel of these massive machines and excavate or dig to their heart's desires.

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There are 15 acres of space to explore, allowing you to do everything from dig trenches to crush cars.


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Although there's plenty of rugged fun to be had, owner Randy Stenger tells the Houston Chronicle that he hopes to educate visitors on what working on a construction site is really like.

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The site has also become a popular spot for corporate team-building events. And who wouldn't want to spend a work day blowing of some steam by throwing around some dirt?

Sound fun? An array of packages at varying price points are available via the Extreme Sandbox website.

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