Photo by Ford Fairchild

(Exclusive) Country Music's 'Disco Cowboy' Adam Mac Dishes on His New Video, Line Dancing... And Fashion

Country Artist Adam Mac is manifesting "line dancing around the world" after dropping the video to his toe-tapping "Dust Off Your Boots". Indeed, both the snappy tune and the colorful video permit fans to "let it loose", all but prophesizing that the summer of 2024 will make line dancing mandatory for everyone under 30 for the first time in decades.

Looks like folks of a certain age are chomping at the bit! Adam Mac gave a sneak peek of "Dust Off Your Boots" on TikTok back in May, and it's since gone viral, racking up over 1.5 million views.

Mac chatted with Wide Open Country about the new video, his musical influences, and which Country Artists guys should take fashion tips from...

Why Adam Mac Picked 70s Icons For His "Dust Off Your Boots" Signature Look

The video and promo materials for "Dust Off Your Boots" feature the LGBTQ+ country artist sporting an Evel Knievel-style jumpsuit. Mac explains what made him zero in on the 70s icon.

"I was looking for something that was like a cross between Elvis Presley and Evel Knievel," the "Disco Cowboy" singer admitted. "My fashion choices as of late have been to kind of turn a traditionally masculine look [and] turn it on its head and run it through the queer filter," he added.

Mac also revealed that he's in "full control of all creative and costuming and wardrobe".  This includes his head-turning moment on the ACM Awards red carpet last month. "I wanted to embody the ACM award," Mac explained. "Which is a gold cowboy hat white trophy. " Mac rocked a unique champagne-colored bolero jacket complete with fringes. He topped it off with a cowboy hat and bolo tie.

However, the Country Music Fashionista doesn't just come up with the ideas. Along with seamstress Loretta Harper, Mac puts together the outfits. He even gets into "stoned and stoning" mode, placing the rhinestones on his garments himself.

Spoiler: Adam sports both his Evel Knievel look and his ACM Awards threads in the must-see new video...

Adam Mac Gives Guys a Push in the Right Direction with Their Fashion

Mac is a breath of fresh air for listeners looking for a break from bro-country, in both sound and style. He notes listening to a lot of 90s Country Music growing up. "My mom loved Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson," he adds, explaining his Motown-infused funky side.

In an era when a lot of male artists his age look like they rolled out of bed with a hangover, Mac also shines.

However, male Country Music artists wishing for some sage-like fashion advice from Mac might be out of luck. "They're not going to take any advice from my gay ass," he quipped.

That said, there is a male group that Adam Mac feels passes the Country Music fashion sniff test.

"Midland look so freakin cool," he gushes. "Actually, every straight male country artist needs to take note from Midland because they're doing it."


Adam Mac calls his fashion choices traditionally masculine through a "queer filter". (Photo by Ford Fairchild)

Meanwhile, Adam Mac is aware that he's part of a burgeoning subgenre of Country Music. One of the top fan comments to his "Dust Off Your Boots" TikTok tease exclaims that "gay country" is their favorite new genre.

Indeed, Mac can rattle off a list of upcoming LGBTQ+ country artists off the top of his head.

"We're all artists coming up in this together. Chris Houseman, Brooke Eden, The Kentucky Gentlemen. I could go on and on and on. There are so many queer country artists or so many country artists of color that are all kind of in this boat of being like the outcast minority, for so long."

"I love seeing queer people who can see themselves in my songs," Mac explained. "Like that's... that's certainly why I'm doing it."

However, Mac loves that he's making inroads with so-called mainstream Country Music fans.

"It's almost more inspirational when I get off the stage and see like a cis straight white dude who I would maybe try to like, avoid if I were walking down the street, come up to me and be like, 'Yo, that was insane. That was awesome. I loved it.' I'm like, what is the world changing before my very eyes?"