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A Texas Bar in the Heart of Thailand Has the Best Cover Band Ever

No, this is not the Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin where they play chicken shit bingo. This bar is actually on the other side of the world. Comfortably situated in Ao Nang on the southern coast of Thailand, the Little Longhorn Saloon is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Whether you're on your way to Phuket or journeying back to Bangkok, Ao Nang is conveniently located in just the right spot for an overnight layover. So, while you're there, you should take advantage of the little taste of home that the city provides.

Where to Find the Little Longhorn Saloon

Even if you aren't sure where to find the Little Longhorn Saloon, keep your ears open. It won't take you long to locate it. Renowned for its live music, this bar has a cover band on staff that takes requests.

You can either shout out requests or write them on a piece of paper and take them up to the band. Once they have your request, they'll add it to their ever-growing set list.

According to everyone that's been, this band is the reason to visit.

With one male and one female lead voice, the band can play anything from Journey to Ramstein.

In fact, it's been encouraged on Trip Advisor that you ask for "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

thailand texas bar

Trip Advisor

thailand texas bar

Trip Advisor

thailand texas bar

Trip Advisor

You can't beat those positive reviews. It seems like a little taste of Texas hospitality can be found right in the heart of Thailand.

Drinks at the Bar

Unfortunately, those who have been say that the drinks are slightly more expensive than your average bar in the area. However, they also insist that the experience provided is worth every penny.

So next time you're on vacation in the south of Thailand, plan an evening to stop at the Little Longhorn Saloon in Ao Nang. You won't be disappointed.

Anywhere that replicates the Lone Star State out of good ol' Texas is just fine by us.

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