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ESPN Host Elle Duncan Defends Taylor Swift Amid Claims That She's a 'Distraction' to Travis Kelce

"Nobody’s asking if Travis Kelce is distracting her from a world tour…"

ESPN host Elle Duncan isn't here for people who think Taylor Swift is the Kansas City Chiefs' "problem." She recently shot back at claims — specifically from controversial commentator Skip Bayless — that Swift should be blamed for the team's recent losses.

After the Chiefs' Christmas Day loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, Bayless tweeted that people should look at Swift, and her relationship with tight end Travis Kelce, as the issue.

"Feels like it's about time to call Taylor Swift a distraction," Bayless wrote. "What do you think, Patrick? Andy? How about you, Travis?"

Bayless called out quarterback Patrick Mahomes, coach Andy Reid and Kelce in the tweet.

The opinion was unpopular from the start, as followers shared their disagreement in the replies. One person sarcastically wrote, "I didn't know Taylor Swift plays wide receiver for the Chiefs." Another social media user brought some reality to the situation, writing, "No they just are not that good this year. No need to blame her."

Duncan, especially, found issue with Bayless' comments. On a recent episode of her podcast, the "Elle Duncan Show," the sports host shared her frustration about the situation.

"Do not blame Taylor Swift for being a 'distraction,' for Travis Kelce not playing well, for the Chiefs not playing good," she began. "No, it is not her fault!"

Duncan then pointed out other instances when the media placed blame on the partners of athletes.

"I am so tired of us doing this, and we do this to women," she adds. "It's Jessica Simpson's fault Tony Romo spit the bit. Remember Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin for a hot second? It's her fault. It's always the woman's fault for 'distracting.' Nobody's asking if Travis Kelce is distracting her from a world tour... No one's saying that. And I don't like that."

She continued on, making the point that these claims paint Kelce as someone who can't juggle his relationship and career.

"I don't like that all of sudden that this has become, 'This is too much; let's turn it on Taylor. He's distracted,' like he can't carry on a personal life and also a professional life," she says. "Get out of here. He's Travis Kelce. Stop. She's not to blame."

When fans head to Swift's socials, they won't find a response to the controversy, but they will find a lyric from her song "Anti-Hero," which appears to be sarcastic response to the public's many claims about her over the years.

"I'm the problem, it's me."

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