Erin Krakow visits Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 19, 2020 in Universal City, California
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Is Hallmark Star Erin Krakow Dating Her 'When Calls the Heart' Co-Star?

Fans of the popular Hallmark series When Calls the Heart have been buzzing with excitement over recent social media posts by stars Erin Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum. The two actors, who have been part of the show since its premiere in 2014, have shared some small but very interesting glimpses of their lives that hint at a possible romantic relationship. While neither Krakow or Rosenbaum have officially confirmed their dating status, the signs are pretty hard to ignore.

Recently, Krakow posted about her newest family member: a sweet rescue puppy named Willoughby. In her Instagram post, she tagged Rosenbaum, implying that they adopted the dog together. Rosenbaum also shared a photo on his account, expressing his love for the adorable pup and thanking the rescue organization.

Cute, right? But it's also pretty suspect for those following the pair's are-they-or-aren't-they status. This development has only fueled the long-standing speculation among fans that the two might be dating. The pair's chemistry on the show, where Krakow portrays schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton and Rosenbaum plays Mike Hickam, has certainly piqued fans' interest, whether their characters are romantically involved or not.

Their social media presence offers even more clues about their potential relationship. The pair took what appeared to be a couples' trip to Italy with fellow When Calls the Heart co-stars Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry. Additionally, they were present during McGarry's recent proposal to Wallace in New York City, capturing and celebrating the special moment together.

All this, and the pair have yet to officially announce their relationship, if it even exists.  But fans continue to watch their social media interactions like a bunch of hawks. From adopting a puppy together to sharing special moments with their friends, the evidence certainly suggests that they might be more than just co-stars.

So, the answer is "we don't know" for now. But that could very well change in the future.

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