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Erica Durance Knows Starring in a Christmas Film 'Is Going To Be Fun'


Erica Durance might be best known to TV audiences for playing Lois Lane on The CW's Smallville. It's a role she's even brought back with her old Superman co-star Tom Welling on Batwoman. To her other fans, she's Dr. Alex Reid on the supernatural medical drama Saving Hope. In recent years, the actress has also started to regularly appear in TV Christmas films on Hallmark and Lifetime so naturally, I'm a fan.

Like many TV stars, Durance hails from Canada, specifically Calgary, Alberta, where she actually grew up on a turkey farm. From a young age, Durance was a gifted singer and after graduating high school she decided to move out to Vancouver to pursue an acting career. Durance started working as a background actor and then quickly started landing roles on various TV shows including Tru Calling, Andromeda, The Collector, Stargate SG-1, and The Chris Isaak Show. She has even appeared in a few films -- The Untold, The Butterfly Effect 2, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, and House of the Dead. 

Since Smallville ended, the Canadian actress is recognizable for playing Alura Zor-El on Supergirl, as well as appearing in guest star roles on the television series Charlie's Angels, Harry's Law, and Private Eyes. But she's also starred in TV movies as Maid Marian in Beyond Sherwood Forest, Megan Washington in Final Verdict and Maddy O'Donnell in 111 Gramercy Park.

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Durance made her Hallmark Channel debut in their 2014 film Wedding Planner Mystery (why aren't there more of these?!) with one of our favorites, Andrew Walker. This year, she co-starred in Open By Christmas with Alison Sweeney. Durance is also somewhat of a regular over on Lifetime known for I Me Wed, The Christmas Chalet, Christmas Stars, and The Enchanted Christmas Cake. It shouldn't be any surprise that Durance has just as much fun acting in Christmas movies as we have watching them. So much so, that she'd like to get more involved behind the scenes. Potentially as a director and executive producer, two roles she was able to work on while starring on Saving Hope.

"I get called about a Christmas movie, and I skim the script, right? Because I know, within reason, it's going to be great," she explains to The List.

"It's going to be fun. It's going to be a nice little story where people fall in love, and there's a happy ending. And I still think that's really important to put out there, and people love it. And so I'm kind of trying to find a niche to get into there and be part of that world more but part of it in a much more leadership kind of way. We'll see how that goes."

Outside of work, Durance has been married to actor David Palffy since 2005. The couple has two children together, Lochlan and Liam. Her two kids are apparently are totally used to seeing their mom take on new characters depending on what she's working on.


"I just finished another movie for Hallmark, and they're like, "Were you Hannah today?" And I was like, "Yeah. Mommy was Hannah today," she told The List.

"So they're starting to kind of get a little bit of a, "Oh, we saw Mommy," and they'll just like walk by the show and then be like, "Okay, I'm onto my other thing," which is fine. It's good."

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