The 10 Best Eric Church Videos

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Eric Church is one of country music's best modern performers and storytellers. Since his 2006 debut album Sinners Like Me, the man known as "The Chief" has taken Nashville by storm with his high-energy stage shows and dedication to playing by his own rules. Church brings the same level of passion to his music videos. From a sweet video for an early-career love song to a nostalgia-fueled smash, here are our 10 favorite Eric Church videos.

"Love Your Love the Most"

The video for "Love Your Love the Most," from Church's album Carolina, is an ode to love and simple living and takes its visual cues from an old Viewfinder toy.

"Guys Like Me"

Church tips his hat to good ole boys and the girls that love them in this video for "Guys Like Me," a track from his album Sinners Like Me.

"Two Pink Lines"

The video for "Two Pink Lines" centers on a couple waiting for a pregnancy test to determine their future. The visual gags, including the man picking up a fake diamond ring at the gas station, adds humor to a tense situation.

"How 'Bout You"

Church's "How 'Bout You" puts the spotlight on the blue collar working class.

"Record Year"

The music video for "Record Year," from Church's 2015 album Mr. Misunderstood, honored Church and his crew's love of vinyl, paying tribute to Hank Williams, James Brown and the Red Headed Stranger along the way.

"Drink in My Hand"

The video for "Drink in My Hand" puts you in the front row of a signature rowdy Eric Church show and gives you the feeling of opening up a cold one and singing right along with the Church Choir.

"Round Here Buzz"

Perfectly capturing a true small town feel, the video for "Round Here Buzz" shows what it's like to live among the ruins of a broken relationship.


Using a race track as a backdrop, the video for "Talladega" spans the history of a man's life and celebrates all the beautiful moments he shared with friends and family.

"Desperate Man"

Perhaps the most cinematic video of Church's career, the music video for "Desperate Man" served as a proper announcement of Church's new album and featured a cameo from the song's co-writer Ray Wylie Hubbard. It's also another ode to Church's beloved fan club, the Church Choir. The clip even features a humorous nod to Church's record label, EMI, styled as FBI agents tying in vain to stop him from delivering free records. All in all, it's a brilliant representation of Church's approach to bringing new music to his biggest fans.


Quiet suburban streets, garage bands and young love make up the video for Church's "Springsteen," a reminder of how music can take you back to a moment in time.

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The 10 Best Eric Church Videos