Eric Church
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Eric Church Shares Teaser of Upcoming Track 'Higher Wire'

As another week flies by, Eric Church uploads a new morsel of a track from his upcoming album Desperate Man. This 40-second clip marks the 7th song he's teased on social media or released in full, leaving fans to count down the days until Oct. 5 when the entire album becomes available.

"...Appalachia moonshine crazy / bible belt and a sinner's fire / whoa whoa whoa whoa.. on a higher wire," Church sings on the new tune. The Southern gospel-infused track combines Church's relaxed vocals with a bluesy guitar. The dizzying "whoas" Church sings creates a psych-rock vibe that leads to the declaration of the song's title, "Higher Wire."

Following up his Rolling Stone cover, Church also appears on the front of the Sept/Oct issue of American Songwriter magazine. Grab a physical copy from a bookstore or purchase a digital download online to read his feature interview.

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From Desperate Man, Church has teased "Solid," "Some Of It," "Hangin' Around," and "Hippie Radio" on Instagram. He's also and unveiled full versions of "Heart Like A Wheel" with a lyric video, and the title track, "Desperate Man" with a full music video.

Members of Church's fan club, The Church Choir get the first taste of his new songs a day before the snippets are released to the public. They will also receive a free download of Desperate Man when it comes out on Oct. 5. Joining The Church Choir costs $35/year, but if you're not ready to commit to the Choir, you can also pre-order his new album at $10 for a digital copy or $20 for the vinyl version.

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