Emily Hackett Sings an Anti-Valentine's Day Anthem on 'Hangovers & Heartbreak'

Sarah Barlow

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Emily Hackett sings for those unlucky in love on her new single "Hangovers and Heartbreak," a string-laden ode to anyone who's ever been heartsick and hungover on Valentine's Day.

"Some mistakes feel too good to keep from making them again," Hackett sings. "Some rock bottoms don't hurt enough to keep me from falling."

Hackett says the song was originally intended for her last album, but made more sense as a standalone single. As a bonus, it provides an anthem for the anti-Valentine's Day crowd.

"'Hangovers and Heartbreak' was something that was said in the room, before we started writing that day. Sarah Buxton, Davis Naish and I had never written together before and we were just talking," Hackett tells Wide Open Country. "Davis said it in a response to feeling kind of down about something. Whatever it was, I can't remember, but the minute it came out of his mouth, I looked at him sideways. It was such an easy accidental idea. We actually prepared the track for the last album, but felt that it didn't really fit with the rest of the songs. I always knew I wanted to release it not long after, but Valentine's Day just seemed appropriate, for all my V-Day haters out there. Hangovers and heartbreak, truly make you feel the same way, but somehow we keep coming back for more."

Listen to "Hangovers and Heartbreak" below.

Hackett, a member of CMT's Next Women of Country class of 2019, released her debut album in the form of two EPs: 2018's By The Sun and 2019's By The Moon.

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Emily Hackett Sings an Anti-Valentine's Day Anthem on 'Hangovers & Heartbreak'