Elvis Presley's Ex Wishes She Would Have Let Singer Knock Her Up
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Elvis Presley's Ex Wishes She Would Have Let Singer Knock Her Up

Elvis Presley ultimately only had one child — the late Lisa Marie Presley. But one of his exes wished that the iconic singer had more babies. Carol Connors regrets not letting Presley get her pregnant.

"I went with him for nine months," she claimed via Fox News. "He said two and a half years. It was not two and a half years. I told him it was more often off than on. But I did go with him for nine months. Didn't have a baby. I was too stupid."

Connors got personal about Elvis, revealing that he was a good kisser. Ultimately, she said that she really cared about the singer. "But I really cared about him," she said. "He was a gentle soul in those days. He was very sweet, very respectful. We would harmonize together. We had beautiful moments together — we really did."

She also wasn't afraid to call out Presley. Connors wasn't obsessed with the singer as a symbol.

"One time, he was telling a joke and everyone laughed, but I didn't laugh," said Connors. "He said, 'Why aren't you laughing, Carol?' I said, 'Because it's not funny.' And he said, 'You know that, and I know that, but they will laugh.' And they did."

Connors said she was at the grocery store when a "creepy guy" approached her about Elvis Presley. That's how she first knew that Elvis was interested in her.

Elvis Presley And Carol Connors

"He says, 'Aren't you the girl who sang 'To Know Him is to Love Him?'" she said. "He said, 'Elvis Presley would love to meet you.' And I went, 'Right, sure, yeah, of course.' He said, 'No I mean it. He loves your voice.'" She gave him her phone number.

She continued, "'You've got to come to the house. Elvis would love to meet you.' I went, 'OK.' He picked me up at my mother and father's house."

When they first met, she said she felt intimidated by Elvis. "I felt like a little mouse," she said. "He came up to me finally as I was standing there forever. His first words to me were... 'Why'd you name your group the Teddy Bears?' I thought, 'My God, that's Elvis Presley.'... That started our love affair."

However, Connors and Presley ultimately broke up because Elvis had an alleged affair with Ann-Margret while filming Viva Las Vegas. The two broke things off. "I'll never forget how beautiful he was," said Connors. "I always believed that Ann-Margret was one of the great loves of his life. I've always believed that. And I asked him once, but he wouldn't answer the question of all things."

However, it was only after she asked one of Presley's friends after his death that Connors realized that the singer adored her.

"I said, 'Joe, tell me the truth. Did Elvis really care about me?'" said Connors. "He said, 'Yes Carol, he adored you. He thought you were so pretty.' In those days, [Presley's ex-wife] Priscilla and I resembled each other... But I believed him. There was no reason for Joe to tell me that."