Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Wants Big Money From Estate
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Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Wants Big Money From Estate

I know the Elvis Presley Estate has a lot of money but jeez man. Talk about needy. Any more money than this and I'd call it extortion. Lisa Marie Presley's ex-husband Michael Lockwood flees to court to beg the judge for the family trust to cover his legal fees.

Lisa's daughter Riley Keough holds power over what happens with the family's trust and how they use it. According to In Touch Weekly, Michael and Riley discuss how they can cover his fees before he officially files his motion.

Lisa's Ex and His Involvement With The Presley Family

Michael Lockwood is the father to two 15 year old twins Harper and Finley. Lisa Marie Presley mothered her children before she tragically passed away in 2023. After her death, Michael scrambles for the court to formally appoint him as legal guardian of the twins. Consequently, he claims he racks a ton of legal fees in the process that he can't possible cover in its entirety.

Part of the reason Michael might feel so bold to ask for money is because Riley seems to look out for her family in these financial terms. She's the head of The Promenade Trust, essentially deeming her as head of the Presley estate. Her grandmother drops her end of the deal after bickering in court to be co-administrator.

In formally settling the situation, Riley agrees to pay Priscilla $1 million and enact regular payments throughout the duration of her life. Additionally, she covers $400k in legal fees. Lisa's ex-husband Michael claims he's a key figure in getting this deal done. Conversely, he argues to the judge that he should get a slice of the pie in terms of covering legal fees.

The judge decides not to rule a verdict until Lisa's ex brings more evidence to the table that supports his requests. Furthermore, he needs something concrete to suggest Riley tells Michael she'd cover his fees. His word alone isn't enough. The court schedules a hearing later this month.