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Moore, Oklahoma is the Reason Toby Keith Never Moved to Nashville


While most country stars live in Nashville, some prefer the comforts of home. That is definitely the case for Toby Keith. Though he could choose anywhere in the United States to live, he prefers the cozy comfort of his home state of Oklahoma

We've rounded up a few places around the state of Oklahoma to visit that hold a special place for the great Toby Keith. 

1. Moore

When Keith was a little boy, his family moved him to Moore, Oklahoma. He played football at Moore High School, and even years later considers it home. 

"It's the reason I never moved to Nashville," Keith told NBC. "It's home. I tried to live other places and always just came back here."


The town loves Keith so much they even put his name on a water tower. They also named a street after him: Toby Keith Avenue. You'll find it between East Main Street and Southeast 4th Street when you're driving along Eastern Ave.

2. Elk City

After high school, Keith landed a job working on an oil rig in Elk City. That experience inspired his second album, Boomtown. The town, located in Beckham County, is along State Highway 6.

This Western Oklahoma town has plenty to keep you busy during your visit. Elk CIty dates back to the 1800s when the Cheyenne-Arapaho Native American reservation first opened in the area around where the Gulf Railroad was built up by Elk Creek. It was also along the Great Western Cattle Trail that led cattle drives from Texas all the way to Dodge City in Kansas.

There's also a museum complex that features multiple museums to visit -- the Old Town Museum, the National Route 66 Museum, the National Transportation Museum, the Farm and Ranch Museum, and the Blacksmith Museum. Sadly the Anadarko Basin Museum of Natural History is no longer open. The Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, the Wichita Mountains and Foss State Park are more nearby attractions. 


Outside of Keith, the town has had a few more famous residents, including Susan Powell, who was Miss America 1981, and NFL player Joe Spencer. 

3. Clinton 

Keith spent the majority of his childhood in Moore, but he was actually born in Clinton. Clinton is home to another museum dedicated to the historic U.S. Route 66.

4. Oklahoma City 

True Toby Keith fans need to visit OKC so they can eat at his restaurant, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, named for his 2003 single, "I Love This Bar." The restaurant has been open since 2005. Visitors can enjoy a Busch and eat some of Keith's favorite recipes while enjoying some live music. Make sure to also plan a visit to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum while you're in town.

5. Norman 

Norman is more than just the home of the University of Oklahoma. It's also the location of Toby Keith's favorite golf course, Belmar Golf Club. The country singer purchased the course when it almost went unde. He now holds an annual charity fundraiser tournament. 


6. Paul's Valley 

This is the site where you'll find Toby Keith's 160-acre ranch. Keith breeds racehorses and unwinds with his family, enjoying his home state. The best part about it? If he does need to go to Nashville it's only an hour by jet.

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