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Arizona's Eegee's Ranch Dressing Is So Good It's Basically Drinkable

Sometimes you wake up with a hankering for a tasty sub sandwich and a refreshing frozen fruity drink. For those who live in Arizona, the place to go when this craving hits is Eegee's, a fast food chain beloved for its signature fruit drink the "eegee" and its variety of delectable made-to-order sandwiches.

The History of Eegee's

Eeegee's story begins in 1971, when Edmund Irving and Robert Greenberg bought a used vending truck. They started off selling their famous lemon eegee's drinks at events like concerts, sports games, and in front of high schools. The frosty drinks were an instant hit, providing the perfect way to cool off during the hot Arizona summer. As business grew and more Arizonians grew privy to the pair's addicting drinks, Irving and Greenberg's business evolved into a restaurant chain.

The name "eegee's" comes from Edmund and Robert's first initials; combining "E" and "G" into "eegee's." The name stuck, as did the subs, ranch dressing, and frosty eegee drink. There are now 31 Eegee's locations throughout southern Arizona. The majority can be found in Tucson, but you can also get your eegee fix in Casa Grande, Gilbert and Mesa, right outside of Phoenix.

Along with being known for its delectable subs, drinks and dressing, Eegee's is notable for its community involvement. The fast food chain has a tradition on donating to and volunteering with local charities. Plus, the chain runs the recycling program "Green for Green!" and is committed to training and employing mentally disabled people.

Eegee's Delicious Menu

This iconic Arizona chain has expanded its fruity frozen drink options since its start back in the early 70's. The famous eegee is available in Lemon, Strawberry, Piña Colada, Skinny Berry and the Flavor of the Month, which is currently Raspberry Lemonade.

As for the famous Grinder sandwiches, these are made fresh with a white or wheat roll depending on your preferences. Stick with the classics and go for the Original Grinder, or have a Deluxe Grinder, Veggie Grinder, or Spicy Grinder. There are also subs, from Turkey & Provolone to Toast Beef and Provolone to the Club Sub. For an extra flavorful meal, try the Hot Meatball Sub, Hot Pastrami, or Hot Spicy Chicken Bacon.

Eegee's also has lots of salads to enjoy along with a sandwich and a refreshing, fruity drink. These are all drizzled with the chain's beloved ranch dressing, which is reportedly so good that some customers drink it. From the Farmhouse Ranch Chicken Salad to the Southwest Chipotle Ranch Chicken Salad, these offer a fresh, healthy, veggie-packed option.

It's pretty much a rule that you can't go through a fast food drive-thru without getting some fries! Along with your Grinder, try the Regular Fries, Original Ranch Fries, Buffalo Ranch Fries Cheesy Bacon Fries, or more. These are the perfect accompaniment to the Ranch Dressing, which comes in Original, Buffalo or Chipotle. To really treat yourself, finish your meal with a Chocolate Chip Cookie or a Fudge Brownie Cookie.

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