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Arizona's Bigfoot Themed Restaurant is a Must-Visit BBQ Joint

We love barbecue. Okay, we know that's not news. Neither is the fact that we love quirky restaurants, those themed destinations that you have to see to believe. But when you point us toward a quirky themed restaurant that serves barbecue? We're so there. Which is why we have to tell you about Bigfoot BBQ in Flagstaff, Arizona.

If you visit the Old Town Shops in Flagstaff, you'll find a set of stairs leading down. You definitely want to follow the sign with the giant footprint. Bigfoot BBQ looks like any other old school barbecue joint, except for the Sasquatch footprint on the napkins holders and a portrait of the big guy himself in the entryway. It's the only time we can guarantee you'll see the elusive creature.

Which is fine, because while you can color your own Bigfoot picture and hang it on the board, you'll likely be far more interested in what you see on the menu. Bigfoot BBQ smokes all of their meat in-house (we know the smell of barbecue is a draw, so maybe that's why Bigfoot is a such a fan).

Order one of their BBQ sandwiches with beef brisket, smoked pulled pork (either KC or Carolina Style, depending on how you like your pulled pork), smoked chicken or burnt ends, and then pick your sides (coleslaw, fried okra, french fries or crispy onion rings are some of your choices). They even have a Veggie Q option if meat isn't your thing.

If you can't decide, Bigfoot BBQ has some 'little-bit-of-everything' platters. Opt for The Double Wide, which comes with pulled pork, pulled bbq chicken, beef brisket and ribs, three sides, two pieces of cornbread and two drinks. Or get the BBQ Tour Plate, which has pulled pork, sliced beef brisket and ribs.

The restaurant also offers Truck Stop Creations like the Smokin' Bulldawg, Junkyard Dawg and Bigfoot Steak & Cheese, which they note are "influenced, inspired or outright stolen from some of the most auspicious gas stations across the South," so you know they have to be darn good.

If you've got a big group, try the Bigfoot Nachos, which are tortilla chips smothered in cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked meat, jalapenos, sour cream, pico de gallo and spicy BBQ sauce. Or go for the Wing Basket with boneless or bone-on chicken wings and a wide variety of sauces including their house BBQ sauce, a Hi Octane sauce, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, and Spicy BBQ.

Bigfoot says: Eat your veggies. So add on a green garden salad or a fried chicken salad. We think you should also add on some of their made-from-scratch fruit cobbler, because you need to keep your strength up to hunt Sasquatch.

Bigfoot BBQ is located at 120 N. Leroux St. in Flagstaff, in the Old Town Shops.