The Eegee's Flavor of the Month is Made With Fresh Fruit and Deliciousness

Eegee's is the Arizona chain beloved throughout the state for its refreshing frozen drinks, hit-the-spot sub sandwiches and perfectly crinkled French fries. The famous "Eegee," which is the name of the chain's signature drink, has been said to save the day during hot Tucson summers when all you're craving is a cold drink to quench your thirst and fight the heat with. To get the best of this frozen drink, try the Eegee's flavor of the month!

What's an Eegee?

On the Eeegee's website,, the fast food chain makes sure to inform their customers what this magical fruit drink really is. The official definition is "the most craveable, silky smooth, icy treat around. It's a true taste revolution jam-packed with juicy bits of fresh fruit in flavors so addicting they should come with a warning label. We're not drooling, you are." Another description on the website is the "flavor of happiness."

If that doesn't draw you in, maybe the available flavors of this menu item will. The current available eegee flavors are Lemon, Strawberry, Piña Colada, Skinny Berry, and the ever-changing Flavor of the Month. Some past Flavors of the Month have been Watermelon, Orange Dream, Lucky Lime, Scary Berry (Black Raspberry), Jungle Juice, Galactic Grape and Mango Tango.

What Is the Flavor of the Month?

As explained on the website, the Flavor of the Month is chosen strategically based on weather and seasonality. This way, the Eegee's Flavor of the Month matches what you're craving that month. For example, December's monthly flavor was Holly Berry as a nod to the Christmas-y holly plant. March was Lucky Lime to go with St. Patrick's Day, and June was Mango Tango, bringing to mind tropical, summery times. Eegee's also makes an effort to use fresh fruit, so the chain aims to use fruits that are currently in season for that month of the year.

Along with weather and seasonality, the Eeegee's team looks at the most popular flavors of the past, along with what's currently trending within the food industry when deciding on the next Flavor of the Month. The best part is, the chain uses taste testers for the final decision, using feedback to perfect the recipe and provide their customers with exactly what they want. To be a taste tester, try the Flavor of the Month and then let Eegee's know your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram.

The Flavor of the Month is a fun way to change it up with your Eegee's order and allow you to try new flavors. January's flavor was Cherry Limeade, a fun combo of flavors to conjure the taste of summer no matter the time of year. As for February, this month's flavor of the month is Raspberry Lemonade, undeniably the best flavor of lemonade out there.

You can check the Flavor of the Month by going to the Eegee's website or checking their social media. To best enjoy it, hit up the drive-thru at your local Eegee's location and indulge yourself with the latest fruity drink. Pair it with a Grinder sandwich, some fries and Eegee's drinkable Ranch Dressing, or get the Eegee on its own to fully focus on its fruity, frozen deliciousness.

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