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Easter Trees Are Taking Over Springtime Decor

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There isn't a better way to get into the holiday spirit but with a tree. Not only are trees important for Christmas, but they're popular centerpieces for Halloween and now Easter. You might not be in the Easter spirit due to the pandemic, but these stunning Easter trees and Easter tree ornaments will brighten your mood throughout March and April.

These trees and ornaments have adorable designs. Plus, we just can't resist the opportunity to decorate with pastel colors! Here's some Easter tree inspiration for your home, office, classroom, and more.

Where Did Easter Trees Originate From

Atlas Obscura says, "Much like the Christmas tree, the custom likely came to the United States with German immigrants, entrenching itself among the Pennsylvania Dutch."

While Germans shared the tradition with the United States, Atlas Obscura says an American Author, Katherine Milhous, brought popularity to Easter trees with her children's book, The Egg Tree.

Decorating trees with colorful eggs may not be as popular these days, but home décor enthusiasts are letting the tradition live on with less tedious decorating, like buying a mini Easter Tree and ornaments for indoors.

Do you live in a town where decorating trees is a tradition? If it was part of your childhood, you will hold these small Easter Trees close to your heart. See which one will look perfect in your living room, kitchen, or front porch.

Easter Tree Ideas

1. kemooie 24inch White Birch Tree with Set of 10 Hanging Easter Egg Ornaments

This Easter tree is so pretty! It's two-feet tall and comes with 10 colorful Easter egg ornaments. You don't even have to decorate the tree branches.

The spring Easter tree is only $20, which is a great deal. Place the tabletop tree in your living room, balcony, bedroom, or office.

2. EAMBRITE 2FT Easter Egg Tree Light Led Money Tree

This spring tree is similar to the option above, but it's pre-lit. The springtime tree is perfect for those who want their spring season home decor to shine!

3. JACKYLED Set of 2 2FT 28 LED Birch Tree

Grab some pre-lit white birch trees if you want to go the DIY route. Create your own Easter crafts or buy Easter tree ornaments for it. Get creative, y'all.

Easter Tree Ornaments + Easter Decor

4. MGQ Easter Eggs Ornament,36 Pcs Multicolored

Short on decorating ideas? You can always count on plastic eggs! These simple Easter tree decorations will make your tree pop with pastel colors.

5. Juvale Foam Easter Bunny and Egg Ornaments

These gold eggs look like vintage collectibles! They're the perfect Easter gift for anyone who puts up an Easter tree every year.

6. Easter Hanging Bunny Ornaments Set of 10

These silly ornaments look like garden figurines. The rabbit gnome ornaments will make your tree look fun. Grab a set of 10 for $23.

7. 8PCS Easter Wooden Hanging Decorations

It's Easter time! These wooden ornaments are lovely.

8. 7.6cm 3" Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

This one made me laugh.

9. Hallmark 2018 Happy Easter Marjolein Bastin Easter Basket Ornament

You can always count on Hallmark to have the cutest ornaments.

10. EP Laser Easter Eggs Ornaments Set of 6 for Decorations

These Easter tree decorations are also terrific Easter gifts.

11. Qilmy Happy Easter Day Tree Skirt, Cute Ornaments

Don't forget your tree skirt and garland!

12. Comken Easter Table Runner with 3D Bunny

This table runner will be a hit at Easter brunch.

13. The Nostalgic Easter Tree

Ceramic trees are a must!

This post was originally published on January 28, 2021.

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