This Map Reveals a Disturbing Truth About How Many States Love Peeps Candy

One of the most important considerations when it comes to Easter is which candy to use for the Easter egg hunt. Of course there will be chocolate Easter bunnies, and any classic hunt will include chocolate eggs and jelly beans. But after that, there are a world of options to choose from. Since Easter is around the corner and it's time to start planning, we decided to see what each state's favorite Easter candy is. This map from Zippia shows the results! Do you agree with your state's pick?

Zippia found the results for the best Easter candy by state using Google Trends, determining which Easter treat each state eats a disproportionate amount of every year around Easter time. This springtime holiday is one of the most important for those with a sweet tooth, after Halloween of course, so it only makes sense that we'd all take the opportunity to gorge on our favorite treats.

There are many ways to fill an Easter basket, and some go the traditional route by using mainly egg-shaped treats and candy classics like Hershey's kisses, tootsie rolls and m&ms. Others switch it up by putting in whichever candies they like best, no matter how far they are from chocolate Easter eggs.

If you're going for chocolate, there's a choice between milk chocolate eggs and dark chocolate. On the other hand, some prefer gummy candies like starbursts, sour patch kids and gummy bears. Whether you choose to fill your Easter celebration with Jelly Belly beans or chocolate eggs, this map of each state's favorite Easter candy might surprise you.

What's Each State's Favorite Easter Candy?

Zippia revealed that the favorite candy is boiled eggs, which most of us would consider an Easter treat more than a candy. A full 14 states, such as Arizona, Mexico, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and more, chose boiled eggs in the survey, which speaks to how classic this Easter food is.

Easter Eggs in a Crate

Getty Images/ediebloom

After boiled eggs, candy eggs and jelly beans tied for second. 11 states chose candy eggs, from Cadbury Creme Eggs to Cadbury Mini Eggs to White Chocolate Eggs. These are popular throughout the south, in states like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Cadbury Creme Eggs were shown to be the most popular candy egg, with no states choosing Peanut Butter Eggs.

11 states also went for jelly beans, specifically Starburst jelly beans, sweet tart jelly beans, and classic jelly beans. These are especially beloved in the Midwest, in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, along with some southern states like Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee.

Interestingly enough, the next most popular choice was Peeps. As polarizing as these marshmallow chicks are, it seems that they've won the hearts of 8 states- Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and a cluster of East coast states like Maine and Rhode Island. Of all the states who chose Peeps, Idaho was the one who loves them the most.

Surprisingly, chocolate bunnies took the rear, being chosen in 6 states- Oregon, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Hawaii and Connecticut. I would personally choose these over any other Easter treat, because they contain chocolate and are the main prize of the Easter egg hunt! However, the numbers don't lie, and they show that most of America would choose a boiled egg over a chocolate bunny.

Do you agree with your state's pick? If not, what's your go-to Easter candy?

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