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Man Loses Bet, Gets Duct Taped to a Street Sign in Houston

As the saying goes, "duct tape can fix anything." In this scenario, it was the answer for these two friends' wager on the recent Houston vs. Warriors game. The loser of the bet would be duct taped to a sign on the highway to endure the pain of embarrassment.

Oh, and losing, of course.

The Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 113-106, resulting in the duct taped fate of one individual. Watch as the friends carry out the hilarious bet.

According to KHOU.com, law enforcement cut the prank short after receiving numerous reports of the man on the highway. Upon arrival, the cops saw a man walking towards the person duct taped to the sign with a knife.

After threatening to tase the man with the knife, it turns out the suspicious person was just there to cut down his friend from the sign. Suffering from enough embarrassment, the loser of the bet got a long lecture and warning from the police officers.

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The only good thing that came out of the bet was a ride home from the cops. Thankfully, no one was harmed from the bet, except for maybe this guy's ego.

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