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'Duck Dynasty' Stars Open Food Truck at 'Supernatural' Texas Brewery

Grab your duck calls because"Duck Dynasty" couple, Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica moved to Austin and opened a food truck right next door to "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackle's Family Business Beer Co. The duo has partnered up to serve quenching beers on tap with Southern-style food.

Both the brewery and food truck started out as single entities, however the two television stars teamed up and decided to work together to serve the people of Drippings Springs. The brewery includes a playground for families, indoor and outdoor seating, a dozen beers on tap and live music for guests to enjoy while drinking a glass of Hamilton Pale Ale or a Ghost White IPA.

Jep's Southern Roots

If you know "Duck Dynasty", there's no doubt that Jep was always a family man who loved to cook. The youngest of the Robertson clan, Jep and his wife Jessica decided to open up a food truck during their second season of the Duck Dynasty spin-off, "Jep & Jessica"

Since then, the couple has moved to Austin, Texas for a taste of the Lone Star State. Named Jep's Southern Roots, the comfort food truck serves up dishes like jambalaya, po'boys, gumbo, and muffulettas

Today, the food truck has grown settled and grown its roots at the Family Business Beer Co. where Jep is more than excited to be a part of this new venture.

Family Business Beer Co.

Just like the name implies, the Family Business Beer Co. is owned by Jensen Ackles and his wife, Danneel, brother-in-law Gino Graul and in-laws Ed and Debby Graul. The idea took part when Jensen and Gico got into the hobby of home brewing. After a few years of enjoying it strictly as a hobby, they decided to open a brewery together with the rest of the family.

Today the spectacular beer line up is all thanks to head brewer Nate Seale, who was formally the head brewer at (512) Brewing. Seale and the rest of the gang are proud to introduce a variety of different beers on tap including: Grackle Hill Country Imperial Stout, Cosmic Cowboy IPA and Haulin' Oats Brown Ale.

While Jensen is sure some fans of the show will come by, he's betting that their clientele will be mostly locals hanging out and enjoying the beer and delicious food.

Address: 19510 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs.

Hours: 3 to 10 p.m. Wednesdays-Fridays, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays.

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