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San Antonio Location, Anticipated Opening for Paula Deen's Family Kitchen Revealed

It can be hard to find good Southern cooking in a restaurant. While every Texan knows that the best barbecue is often found outside a trailer or a small business, it's rare to find a large-scale restaurant apart from Cracker Barrel or Waffle House that serves up Southern classics well.

Not too long ago, Paula Deen announced that she would be opening a location of Paula Deen's Family Kitchen in both Dallas and San Antonio. The Dallas location will open in the Fairview Town Center in Spring 2018, but there was no set location for the San Antonio outpost. Until now.

Per a press release, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Paula Deep will open the San Antonio location of Paula Deen's Family Kitchen inside Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at The Rim.

It's also expected to open in Spring 2018 and will be the first restaurant to open within Bass Pro Shops nationwide. Paula Deen's Family Kitchen locations are currently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Pigeon Ford, Tennessee.


The restaurant offers Family Style dining, where guests can choose from 2-3 entrees and 4 sides that are brought on platters to the table. Surprisingly, per the restaurant's website, the restaurant also offers gluten-free and vegetarian menu options.

The menu varies by restaurant location, and we can only wonder what will be served up in the kitchen of the two Texas locations. Paula Deen's Family Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus featuring Paula's classics, like Ol' Fashioned Southern Meatloaf, Spare Ribs, Georgia Fried Catfish, and twelve side dishes that sound incredible, from Baked Mac and Cheese to Squash Casserole.


Will Paula Deen be at the opening of both the Dallas and the San Antonio locations of her restaurants?

Only time will tell, but we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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