'Duck Dynasty' Stars Devastated After Deadly Tornado Strikes Home In Tennessee
Photos By Instagram/missyduckwife and A&E

'Duck Dynasty' Stars Devastated After Deadly Tornado Strikes Home In Tennessee

On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, an EF-3 tornado made its way through Columbia, Tennessee. Per The Tennessean, tens of thousands of people were left without power. It's been reported buildings and properties sustained significant damage. Residents were injured, and at least two people died.

Of the affected, the Duck Dynasty couple, Jase and Missy Robertson, saw some significant losses in the devastating event. It appears as though the couple and their immediate family made it through without injury or death. However, as reported by Taste Of Country, the family's farm took a direct hit.

The couple's middle son, Cole, found himself pulling up in their driveway when the tornado struck. "It actually hit about 30 seconds after Cole drove into the driveway," Missy confirmed in a post on Instagram.

"Thankfully, we have a safe room in our garage, but it's on the other side of our home, and Cole decided in a split second that he didn't have time to make it there."

Fortunately, Cole managed to get into the family's home and took refuge in a bathtub. This decision seems to have made all the difference in what could've been a terrible tragedy.

"After seeing the aerial pictures today, we know now he would not have made it to the safe room as multiple large trees fell between his car and the garage."

'Duck Dynasty' Stars, Jase And Missy Robertson, Narrowly Avoid The Tornado's Most Terrifying Effects

For further context into the family's stroke of relative good luck, the EF-3 tornado ended up having much more harmful results for others in the Columbia area. As reported by The Tennessean, a Rutherford County boy wound up in critical condition in the wake of the disaster.

"There were floods and falling trees. Power went out. With morning light, schools closed. The fear of more trauma from rising water remained. A Rutherford County boy was caught in a storm drain and was still in critical condition."

While the Robertsons' farm suffered extensive damage, Missy ended her post by acknowledging that the tornado didn't take any of the people who mean the most to her.

"This mama is completely thankful for God's mercy over one of my most valuable possessions."