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3 Best Drum Sets for Toddlers & Big Kids + Benefits of Playing the Drums Early


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Hitting pots and pans was fun as a kid, but Mom would probably prefer the clean dishes to reside in the cabinets instead. When little ones start developing their motor skills and love for music, consider buying them a drum set for kids.

These beginner drum sets are perfect for toddlers and big kids. They'll make a great gift for the kid that loves Dad's taste in music (classic rock, of course), country, or even the kiddo that loves live music at church. Whoever you get a drum set for will absolutely adore it.

Benefits of Drum Sets for Kids

There are various reasons why you may want to introduce your kids to the drums early (other than them being a famous drummer one day).


Kids can develop their motor skills, stay active, and will be able to relieve some stress. Electronic Drum Advisor says, "Teaching a toddler even the simple basic rhythm patterns is going to tremendously improve their motor skills and teach them to control their body much faster than their peers."

As they control their body through the movement of drumming, they'll be staying active and fit. It's so easy for kids to sit on the couch with their phones and iPads, so giving them a chance to have fun and stay active is a wonderful opportunity to prevent bad habits. And truly, the drums sound like one of the most stress-relieving musical instruments. Instead of screaming and kicking, your toddler can project their stress onto the drums.

There are more benefits, however, we also love that this could turn into a unique life-long hobby for kids.

Best Drum Sets for Kids

1. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange

Best for 2+


This is our favorite starter drum set for toddlers 2-5 years old. The $17 drum set has three drum pads and a cymbal with its own unique sound for sensory development.

Kids can play along to nine melodies (rocks, dance, and pop). It's also a great tool to teach letters and numbers.

The children's drum set comes with two drumsticks, and three AA batteries are included for demo.

2. EMAAS Kids Jazz Drum Set for Kids - 5 Drums 

Best for 3+


This $33 drum set for kids is a fun and educational toy for kids three and up. We like this toy for kids who need something a bit more mature than the option above. After your toddler outgrows a set for 2-year olds, consider this pick. It looks like a real drum set.

The beginner set is sturdy, making it a great toy for years! The 5-piece kid's drum set looks like a teeny tiny full-sized drum set. So cute!

As for sound quality, the high-quality set meets our standards. It's loud and clear (so be sure to hide it when parents or sitters need a break).

The 5-piece drum set is a quality drum set. Not only are customers raving about the toy drum set's sound and sturdiness, but they also appreciate that the stool is the perfect size for their toddlers!


This starter kit won't disappoint.

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3. Drum Set Eastar 14 inch Drum Kit for Beginners

Best for big kids under 12

If you have an older kid, consider this junior drum set. Many customers are saying that it's perfect for their 6-10-year-olds. It includes a bass drum, mounted tom drum, mounted snare drum and a cymbal. The high-quality sound produced from the junior drum kit is impressive. With larger tension and vibration, the sound of the drum will be open and balanced.


This is a great kit for kids who want to start drum lessons or enjoy drum YouTube tutorials.

It's simple to assemble (instructions are included, and you can watch the assembly video on the product page for extra help).

Accessories included: one bass drum pedal, one drum throne, two small drumsticks, and two 7A adult wooden drumsticks.

Electronic Drum Sets

You can also consider electronic drum sets for older kids and teens. An electronic drum kit is a type of drum that is great for low or zero volume. Acoustic drum sets can be pretty loud, so be considerate of your family, housemates, or neighbors.


Amazon's best-selling electronic 7-piece drum kit is under $65. You can find more electric drum sets on Amazon. For adult drum sets, visit Walmart.

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