Driver Busts Human Trafficking Ring After Noticing Arm Sticking Out Of Rental Truck See Crazy Footage
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Driver Busts Human Trafficking Ring After Noticing Arm Sticking Out Of Rental Truck: See Crazy Footage

Boy, do I have the mother of all human interest stories for y'all today. So, let's set the stage. This insane tale takes place in Atlanta. For the purposes of convenience, we'll name our noble protagonist "Clark." Clark's driving on the highway. Soon, he finds himself behind a Budget rental moving truck. So far, it's the average day. Upon closer inspection, however, Clark notices something horrifying. There's a human arm sticking out from beneath the back door of the truck.

Clark does the most mind-numbingly crazy thing he could've done. He follows the truck. He told us he was going to follow it until he could find the proper authorities, and he did. In under a few hours, we get an update that the police have arrived, and the people stashed in the back of the truck seem to have been saved.

"Oh, thank God, man. Thank you. Man, I'm so proud of myself. I was not stopping. I was not giving up. I'm not giving up on y'all," Clark says, genuinely showing bravery and fortitude worth a thousand people. It's one thing to hear about human trafficking, but to see it so gruesomely? It's unfathomable.

A Real-Life Hero Stops A Human Trafficking Ring In Its Tracks

Now, there's an interesting wrinkle in this story. According to Newsweek, the folks in the back of the truck weren't victims of human trafficking.

"There is no evidence at this time of human trafficking," said a representative from the Gwinnett County Police Department. "The occupants all told officers that they were traveling from Alabama to Maryland for a new job opportunity. The truck also included their personal belongings."

The truth, unfortunately, becomes a little muddled with that revelation. Human trafficking is, sadly, more prominent than you would ever think imaginable in the United States. It makes sense to react so strongly in the negative if you're driving behind a truck on the highway and you see a human arm protruding from the bottom.

Then again, the social media reactions prior to the apparent news that it wasn't trafficking after all were split. Some thought Langston Proper (the actual name of this story's protagonist, not "Clark") did what very few people would've done in that situation. Others, however, were of the opinion that Proper held himself in too high a regard in the immediate aftermath. It's a complex situation, to be sure.