State Fairs to Offer Drive-Thru Food Fairs Due to Coronavirus

Back in February and March, the Coronavirus pandemic seemed like it would be quick. Concerts and events were postponed to the Fall, a time that seemed so far away and safe. Now with August coming up over the horizon and COVID-19 cases skyrocketing, events are either canceling or shifting their events to be safer for Americans. State Fairs are canceling left and right, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on fair food. In fact, many county fairs are transitioning to a Drive-thru fair model, funnel cake and all.

States Are Hosting Drive-Thru Food Fairs This Year

Corn dogs, cotton candy, candy apples, turkey legs, fried Oreos, oh my! Enjoy your favorite fair foods at one of these fairgrounds this year. To promote social distancing, the following fairs are selling their fair favorites using a fair food drive-thru model. While it's not the same as attending the fair, you do get to eat all the state fair food you've been craving!

South Carolina State Fair

Scheduled on October 20 and 21, the Drive-Thru South Carolina State Fair will offer free admission and a line up of fair menu items.

"Guests will enjoy free admission to drive through the fairgrounds and experience unique, car-friendly attractions that highlight South Carolina's agriculture, history, arts and culture — all from the comfort and safety of their cars. Meanwhile, in a twist on the restaurant drive-through concept, guests will be able to drive into the Lexington Medical Center Fair Park on the fairgrounds, and purchase their favorite fair foods."

The Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair "will include a more extensive line-up of Fair food favorites, along with entertainment and other elements to enjoy as vehicles will safely drive through the Fairgrounds," according to a statement, "There will also be virtual components like competitive exhibits, the Jr. Livestock Auction and more." The fair will take place on October 8, 2020.

Wisconson State Fair

While the fair is closed, Fair Food Drive-Thru is here to help you out. The drive-thru fair food event takes place until August 16, with different menus each week. Make sure to grab your favorite cream puffs before they are gone for the season.

Florida State Fair

On August 7-9, join the Florida State Fair for Fair Food Frenzy, a drive-in carnival experience. Menu items include corn dogs, cotton candy, elephant ears, and deep-fried Oreos.

Here's to hoping we'll be eating kettle corn at the state fairs in 2021.

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