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You Don't Have to Wait for the State Fair to Try Deep Fried Oreos

I suppose it was just a matter of time before someone took the honored American tradition of deep frying foods at the state fair and figured out a way you could take those foods home with you. Deep fried Oreos are a classic state fair food because they encompass one of the best things about a state fair: Over the top and indulgent fried foods.

We're used to deep fried Oreos being a once-a-year treat, but now you can buy Oreo State Fair Cookies at Walmart to enjoy any time. Important note, though; you can only find the cookies, available in Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Crunch, exclusively at Walmart. And unlike regular Oreo cookies, these treats are found in the frozen foods section.

Deep Fried Oreos


Technically, these treats aren't deep fried. They have a crunchy coating that covers the cookie, so they look like they've been breaded. When you cook them in the oven for five minutes (the recommended preparation), they get crisp on the outside and warm and creamy on the inside, just like the snack at the state fair. You can also microwave the cookies for 30 seconds if you simply can't wait.

Blogger JunkFoodMom tried them and they really do look amazing.

Finally the day has arrived where Oreo State Fair Cookies are in my possession, my oven and in my belly. ? If you've ever had a deep fried Oreo that's what these are created to resemble... without having to wait for the State Fair to arrive. Heating these properly is the key to perfection and I think I got it right ???? I achieved the crispy outside and the warm and creamy inside ??swipe....they are delicious! ? If anything, since the crust is thick I think a sprinkling of powdered sugar would have made these even better. This is the Vanilla Crunch, there's also a Chocolate Crunch version. I was lucky to have found both so I'll try them next- after I work these off my hips. PS I let them thaw out for a bit in the fridge ( totally against the instructions ? ?????) and slow baked them at 250 in the toaster oven just until I could smell them. What a great treat - Flavor of the Fair right in my kitchen... love them! ??? FOUND IN WALMART #Oreo #Oreos #oreostatefair #statefairoreos #mccain #mccainfoods #mccainfoodsusa #mondelez #mondelezinternational #flavorofthefair #oreocookies #oreovanillacrunch #vanillacrunch #junkfood #deepfriedoreos #statefair #walmart #markiedevo

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If you can't find these new cookies or can't wait until your state's fair, we've got you covered. Here's a deep-fried Oreos recipe that you can make at home and all you need is some Bisquick or pancake mix, hot frying oil, and a package of Oreos. Add some string lights and carnival music to complete the party!

Deep Fried Oreos

Homemade deep fried Oreos really are easy to make and you can even try the different Oreo varieties (Rocky Road Trip or Peeps Oreos, anyone?). Dip the chocolate sandwich cookies in the batter and drop the coated cookie in vegetable oil for about two minutes cook time. If you own a deep fryer, now is the time to break it out, but you can easily fry the cookies in a deep pot with hot oil, too. Once the cookies are golden brown, carefully place them on paper towels to drain excess oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and pretend you're on the midway!

Get the recipe here.

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