Drew Carey Claims Contestants Get Wasted on The Price is Right
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Drew Carey Claims Contestants Get Wasted on 'The Price is Right'

I always wonder how often people get on these game shows high or drunk out of their minds. When Steve Harvey responds to insane answers on Family Feud, are contestants dumb or is it something more? Do people figure out sentences on 'Wheel of Fortune' while they're a little buzzed? Drew Carey reveals a little bit of insight into these kinds of questions.

Recently, TV Insider interviews Drew Carey amidst news that he's now the longest reigning TV show host on-air today. Writer Kate Hahn asks Carey how he handles kooky contestants who get a little wild and overzealous on national TV. He doesn't seem to think much of it all. "Oh, that happens here all the time," he shrugs. "They'll have a gummy or I'll smell alcohol on their breath. Not unusual."

Drew Carey Tells Wild Story of Drugged Out Rabbi

Then, he relays an experience where one person goes heavy on the show. "There was a guy here that was tripping on mushrooms. He came with a bunch of friends. He was a sketch [comedy] guy," Drew explains. I found out later when I went to UCB [sketch improv theater, United Citizens Brigade] to hang out and they were like, 'Did you see that guy who claimed to be a skateboarding rabbi?' I asked him what he did for a living. And he goes, 'I'm a skateboarding rabbi.' He didn't think he was going to get picked, and he totally tripped."

Regardless, Drew doesn't seem to bother himself over things he can't control. Moreover, he really enjoys the routine of hosting 'The Price is Right.' He emphasizes that he feels like he has plenty left in the tank. "I just show up and punch the clock and hope I have a job every day," Carey explains. "I don't think in terms of 'I'm the longest one.' I do have a goal: I want to keep going until I die. This is my 18th season. I've got to get the 35 and 41 so I can catch Bob Barker and Pat Sajak."