Diet Coke Revealed 4 New Flavors and a Brand New Design

For years, we've watched as other countries around the world tried new Coca-Cola flavors. For example, Coca-Cola fans in Australia and New Zealand are currently enjoying Coca-Cola Raspberry, a flavor we think would be best paired with rum. After all, rum has some amazing and surprising health benefits. This year, however, it seems that the America will get to try a few new flavors on for size because Coca-Cola announced both a new look for the beloved Diet Coke and four new flavors that will hit stores in mid-January 2018.

The four flavors will be available all of Diet Coke's forms, from glass bottles to the 12-ounce cans and more. Without further ado, let's check out the new Diet Coke flavors with a first look at the new design.

The New Design



Sleek and designed for the new generation of Diet Coke drinkers, Coca-Cola is labelling the zero-calorie drink as the "everyday hero... [and] your deliciously fizzy go-to companion." As you can see, the new design is slimmer and taller than the previous 12-ounce cans of original Diet Coke. However, the tall cans still contain 12 ounces of soda.

A departure from Coca-Cola North America's typical can design, the Coca-Cola Company is mimicking the special La Croix Cúrate collection with the soft drink and even High Brew Coffee's slim can design with new marketing. This redesign comes on the heels of the news that Coca-Cola bought Topo Chico, the beloved Mexican sparkling mineral water that every Texan swears by for those hangover cures.

New can aside, let's check out the brand new additions, which are all naturally flavored. The Coca-Cola team hit the ground running and tested over 30 Diet Coke flavors to find the most pleasing concoctions.

1. Diet Coke Feisty Cherry

If you love Cherry Coke, then Diet Coke Feisty Cherry should be the first flavor you try. A sweet fruit flavor with a punch and some sass, it sounds like it would pair perfectly with rum.

2. Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange

If you're forever popping lemons into your Coke or Diet Coke, then Zesty Blood Orange is probably the flavor for you. Remember when I mentioned that they tested over 30 flavors? The research team played with citrus, tropical, and even botanical notes to find the perfect blend, and it seems like this flavor could be the result of that.

3. Diet Coke Twisted Mango

All Coca-Cola gives us is that other ordinary tropical fruit cannot relate to Twisted Mango, but we're a tad skeptical of the mango flavor mixed with the flavor of Coke. We'll give it a shot, though!

4. Diet Coke Ginger Lime

So Ginger Lime sounds exactly like the base of a good Moscow Mule, but because we typically mix light drinks and alcohols in there, it also has us sounding a little skeptical.

The rich flavor of ginger could be the perfect compliment to Coke's vanilla and raisin-like taste, and the kick of lime. Well, has anyone ever hated lime and Coke before? Probably not.

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