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Peyton Manning and Dierks Bentley Get Unwelcome Surprise While Fishing

Colts and Broncos and Bears, oh my!

In case y'all didn't know, former NFL star Peyton Manning has a lot of friends in country music. He has even been known to get up and sing with them, like when he performed Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" alongside Dierks Bentley at a charity event for the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

This year Manning went on vacation in British Columbia to go fishing with Bentley, Luke Bryan and Jake Owen. Obviously, if you're out in the woods with your buddies, you should expect to encounter wildlife. They might not have expected such a close encounter, however.

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In a post to his Instagram account the "What the Hell Did I Say" singer points out that there are four, yes, four black bears behind Manning as he is showing off his latest catch.

"Should I inform Peyton Manning of the mama bear and her three cubs approaching from behind? Or let him enjoy his moment?" Bentley queried.

Sure enough, if you zoom in you can see the bears who are also, most likely, fishing.

Fishing seems to be something of an annual tradition for these guys, since Bentley was posting fishing pics of them together this time last year as well.

Let's hope they left a few fish in the river for the bear cubs.

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