13 Country Stars Who Love Hunting and Fishing

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You've seen them perform. You rock out to their music on the radio. But what would it be like to spend a day on the lake or in the woods with the country stars you know and love? These 13 country stars, with the exception of Johnny Cash, make it a point to get out in the woods whenever they can find a break from their busy careers.

1. Jason Aldean

One of the several Georgia-grown outdoorsmen on this list, Jason Aldean is a proud deer hunter. He may be "Burnin' It Down" on stage, but in the woods, he's happy to be shooting down some whitetails. Maybe his hunting expeditions led him to "that spot nobody knows" where he enjoys a Night Train every once in a while!

2. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Infocenter

Johnny Cash was a deep-voiced legend with an incredible life story. Since he was a young boy, he always loved to fish. He kept that hobby throughout his years, and he spent some of the last days of his life fishing at his home on the lake.

3. Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert will proudly rock a glitzy dress or head-to-toe camouflage. When she married Blake Shelton in 2011, the wedding meal included venison that she shot herself! "Gunpowder and Lead" isn't just a smash hit for this country beauty--it's a lifestyle, too.

4. Blake Shelton

Tumblr/Blake Shelton

Like his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, this Oklahoma native loves to be outside. Blake Shelton even has a tattoo of deer tracks on his arm! He and Miranda have been known to hunt together, so there's no doubt that "date night" for this country couple could definitely involve a tree stand and a shotgun.    


5. George Strait

george strait
Justin Sands Bowfishing

The king's reign doesn't end in the country music realm--this true cowboy does it all. When he's not rope wrangling, he's been known to hunt whitetails around his South Texas home. Even though he recently retired from touring, George Strait still travels all over the world to go offshore fishing in places like the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, to name a few.

6. Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley
Triton Boats

In the earlier days of his career, Brad Paisley sang about choosing fishing over time with his lady friend in "I'm Gonna Miss Her." He still loves to spend a day out on the lake as much as he can, but thankfully his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, has stuck around despite his fishy habits.

7. Luke Bryan

We all know Luke Bryan is always up for a tailgate party out in the sticks, but that's not his only go-to outdoor activity. You can catch this Georgia boy out on a boat almost as often as out on a stage. Looks like his songs aren't the only things with some catchy hooks!

8. Maddie Marlow (of Maddie and Tae)

When this sassy girl isn't out demanding respect from the country bros of the world, she's proving that she can hold her own out in the woods. She may not be so fond of putting on a bikini and climbing up for shotgun rides with a country suitor, but she's all about duck hunting. Ducks over trucks, shall we say?

9. Tyler Farr

Aside from music, there's one thing that makes Tyler Farr go "Redneck Crazy," and that's hunting. Ducks, deer and turkey--you name it, and he likes to hunt it. Touring keeps him busy, but he still finds the time to hit the woods with some other famous faces.

10. Randy Houser

Randy Houser might be "Runnin' Outta Moonlight" after dark, but by day you'll find him on the lake. He loves to fish, and like Tyler Farr, he takes his fellow country stars with him. He and singer Josh Thompson once spent some quality time together catching halibut in Alaska. No matter who he's with, it's clear that Randy fits right in on a stage or the side of a dock.

11. Gary LeVox (of Rascal Flatts)

Twitter/Gary LeVox

The other two members of Rascal Flatts may prefer golf as their sport, but Gary LeVox is most at home when he's in the woods. He insists that the band plan their tour schedule so that he can be home for the height of hunting season. Now THAT is dedication to the deer!

 12. Brantley Gilbert

When Brantley Gilbert retires from making music, he wants to own a deer-breeding farm so he can hunt whenever he wants to. But for now, he enjoys a day in the woods when he can, and he keeps his aim sharp and his skills in practice even when he's out touring.

13.  Kix Brooks

He already has a long list of titles: one-half of the legendary former Brooks and Dunn, radio show host, and solo artist. But don't forget to add "turkey hunter" when you're describing this country singer-songwriter. When Thanksgiving rolls around, he'd be a great buddy to have out in the woods!

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13 Country Stars Who Love Hunting and Fishing