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Dierks Bentley Gets Ticketed For Fishing Without License

Someone snitched on Dierks Bentley over Labor Day weekend.

At an event he co-founded, Seven Peaks Festival in Buena Vista, Colorado, Bentley and fellow headliner Luke Bryan discussed from stage their biggest catches during a weekend of fishing, camping and country music.

According to the Denver Post, audience members contacted the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department to find out if either singer fished without a license. As it turns out, Bentley was guilty of some above-the-law angling.

While officials said stage banter alone did not warrant action, Bentley posted an incriminating photo Sunday (Sept. 1) of one of his big catches.

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A Parks and Wildlife officer located Bentley on Monday and issued him a ticket. Bentley paid the fine in cash on the spot.

During a video of Bentley getting ticketed, the singer joked that Bryan might be the next to get pulled over in the state of Colorado.

The latest episode of Foo Fighters guitarist and Americana solo artist Chris Shiflett's Walking the Floor podcast takes listeners backstage at the annual festival, headed by Bentley and Live Nation's President of Country Touring, Brian O'Connell.

Per the interview, the mountain getaway suits Bentley's love of the outdoors while allowing him to plan a fan and artist-friendly experience.

"I'm always looking for an excuse to come to Colorado," Bentley tells Shiflett. "We just needed to find the right location that felt like Colorado, because when you're in Denver, it feels like you're in the big city. It's a little work to get here, as you know...but once you get here, there's not a band that's been here that hasn't said to me, 'Man, I wish we were staying longer.'"

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