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Chicken Fried Brisket and Alligator Make Up the New Texas Rangers Stadium Menu

Baseball season is officially underway and the Texas Rangers know how to properly celebrate opening day. The team unveiled their new menu items on April 6, much to everyone's delight. Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations Rob Matwick said, "We've got a lot of great things planned for the 50th anniversary of the club here in Arlington, and it all starts on Opening Day." It turns out that great things include something as incredible as deep fried brisket. We're definitely interested.

The General Manager at Globe Life Field wants out-of-town visitors to fully experience Texas flair by way of its food. The stadium will now offer guests a glimpse into the booming Arlington food scene.

What started as 60 concession ideas has been tapered down to the top 8. The new menu items are creative spins on classic Texan game day food, and even baseball haters might be tempted to make a trip down to the ballpark.

Arlington Game Day Food Top 8

deep fried eggrolls

Mac and Cheese Nachos

Mac & cheese plus cheesy nachos are a match made in heaven. Tostitos chips are piled high with mac and cheese, pico de gallo, jalapenos, and sour cream for the ultimate game day food.

Cornbread Chili Pie Dog

Why have a regular bun, when you can have a cornbread bun? This Angus all-beef hotdog is wrapped in cornbread, then smothered in Texas chili. Atop the chili is shredded cheddar cheese and Rico's jalapenos.

Brisket Egg Rolls

This outrageous new menu item was invented in 2020 by a Ranger's fan as part of a recipe contest. House smoked brisket is mixed with shredded napa cabbage, rolled into an egg roll wrapper, and deep-fried. The perfectly crispy egg roll is served hot with a side of Togarashi seasoned fries. There's also a side of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce for dipping.

Alligator Corn Dog

This twist on a corn dog uses andouille alligator sausage for the meat. It is hand-dipped in corn dog batter and fried until golden and crispy.

alligator corn dog

Texas Rangers

Golden Chick Loaded Fries

This popular Texas fried chicken chain is serving up its signature battered fries with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and jalapenos.

Vegan Bratwurst

Even Texas is becoming a vegan-friendly destination. Peta has ranked Ranger Stadium as the "most vegan-friendly" park. An impossible bratwurst is served on a locally made vegan roll with grilled onions.

Vegan Chicken Salad

Another vegan option is a riff on a classic chicken salad. Vegan chicken replaces the meat and the sandwich is served atop vegan bread with a side of Terra chips.

Chicken Fried Brisket Sandwich

Nolan Ryan brisket is smoked in-house and sliced thick before being hand-battered and deep-fried. In true Texas style, it's served between two thick slices of Texas toast with red onions and pickles. The whole sandwich is smothered in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

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