This Death by Chocolate Cheesecake is So Luscious

Stop whatever you're doing right now and take a good look at this gorgeous Death by Chocolate Cheesecake. Does it make you want to run into the kitchen so you can whip it up within the next hour?! I think I know what I'll be doing later today! If you consider chocolate its own food group like I do, I'm sure  you might be known as a chocoholic. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with that! Even better, when you pair chocolate with cheesecake, that's seriously a match made in heaven.

I suggest you take a minute and watch this memorizing video on how to make this cheesecake so you can do it too. It's made up of three mouthwatering chocolatey layers: a chocolate cookie crust, a creamy chocolate cheesecake filling and a chocolate ganache. Oh, and I can't forget the chocolate shavings for garnish. Can it get any better? Take a look at the video below. You might have it on repeat all day for this best chocolate cheesecake recipe.

For this recipe, it's recommended that you make this (and most cheesecake recipes) in a springform pan. Using this type of pan will help you easily remove the cheesecake when it's all finished baking because it has sides that can be released from the base of the pan. We swear by this 9-inch springform pan.

For the first layer, the Oreo crust is pressed tightly onto the bottom of the prepared pan and is made with Oreos, melted butter and salt. It only gets better for the chocolate lover from here. You can swap in generic chocolate wafer or chocolate sandwich cookies if you prefer.

The cheesecake layer is creamy and light and has double the chocolate flavor from the cocoa powder and melted bittersweet chocolate. When you begin to beat cream cheese, be sure to do so on a low speed using a stand mixer or handheld mixer. This beautiful filling is spread on top of the crust and is baked in a 350 degree oven for about an hour. You can just bake this as is or you can wrap the outside of the pan with foil and place it in a larger baking dish filled with water aka a water bath.

Baking cheesecake in a water bath prevents the top of the cheesecake from cracking and helps it bake evenly throughout. The cheesecake is done when you shake the pan gently and notice that it slightly jiggles in the center. Before topping with chocolate ganache, make sure to chill the cheesecake completely in the refrigerator.

Also, if you see that the top of your cheesecake has cracked, no need to worry. The rich chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings will be the perfect cover up! This cheesecake is sure to be the hit of your next party. Or, you might just want to keep it all to yourself!

If you want to switch up for a less chocolate flavor, feel free to decorate the top with fresh raspberries. To emphasize the Oreo crust, you could add Oreo cookies to the top. To experiment, you can also try using a traditional graham cracker crust. For full directions and the great recipe for this luscious cheesecake, find it here.

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