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18 Hilarious Christmas Cooking Fails + Actual Foolproof Recipes

It's the holiday season, which means baking your heart out and stuffing the oven to its maximum capacity with every side dish imaginable. You've thawed the turkey, planned out your recipes in advance, and pre-prepped all the side dishes, what could possibly go wrong? Everything.

We have composed 18 Christmas food fails that are sure to make you chuckle and that might make you a little nervous, but don't fret - we have added foolproof recipes to ensure your Christmas Day is a culinary success.

1. The slow cooker runneth over

Don't risk this chocolate-y mess, make this no-cook chocolate pudding recipe instead, because who wants to bother with serious clean up on Christmas.

2. A melty snowman mess

Instead of a mess that looks more like the remnants of a melted snowman, try this white chocolate fudge recipe.

This fudge is so easy, all you'll need is a microwave and some hungry loved ones.

3. These burnt-to-a-crisp mini pies

Check out these mini pie tips to ensure that your petite pastries turn out holly jolly this Christmas.

4. This boozy baking disaster

Instead of hitting the sauce, make these drunken cherry pistachio cookies, and let your dessert soak up some holiday cheer.

5. These gingerbread men in need of emergency surgery

Keep your gingerbread men out of the ER this Christmas with this simple recipe.

6. This blackened lemon meringue pie

I really enjoy a good blackened catfish, but I don't think lemon meringue pie should be served this dark.

Don't leave your loved ones dessert-less this Christmas, try this foolproof lemon meringue pie recipe instead.

7. Extra crispy pavlova anyone?

Ina Garten's mixed berry pavlova recipe will surely save your Christmas dessert course.

8. This pineapple upside down cake that took its name too seriously

This poor pineapple upside down cake that leapt to its demise.

Don't let your Christmas dessert hop from your hands, try Trisha Yearwood's own recipe instead.

9. This wine carnage

Keep your wine safe on the stovetop with this mulled wine recipe, because who wants to clean up broken glass and wasted wine on Christmas.

10. These crumbly sandwich cookies

These cookies are the perfect gift for that friend who enjoys eating their cookies with a spoon.

Instead, try this sandwich cookie recipe that uses mostly store bought ingredients and guarantees baking success.

11. This cranberry Christmas massacre

Keep your cranberry sauce safe in the comfort of the crockpot with this simple recipe.

12. The crash of the Christmas cheesecake

Keep your cheesecakes safe by serving them in their own cups, which fit perfectly in your hand.

This no-bake recipe will keep your table looking festive and prevent any gravity disasters.

13. This popper problem

Craving something fiery to nosh on while the turkey bakes, but are you afraid that your spicy snack will end up a Christmas mess?

Try this super simple bacon wrapped jalapeño popper recipe and save your holiday appetizer table.

14. Roasted potatoes à la broken glass

Keep your roasted potatoes as far away from broken glass as possible with this garlic parmesan slow cooker recipe.

15. Lumps of coal

No, that's not chocolate, those are extra crispy Christmas treats.

Try these peanut butter and chocolate no-bake cookies, and avoid any oven catastrophes this holiday.

16. Gravy gone wrong

Avoid broken glass laced turkey gravy this Christmas by using one of these three easy and scrumptious gravy recipes.

17. The Christmas earthquake that brought down this gingerbread house

My suggestion for this Christmas fail is to buy a kit at the store or leave it to the pastry professionals.

But, just in case you're feeling ambitious, here's a straight forward gingerbread house recipe that is sure to keep this feat as simple as possible.

18. The oven meltdown

This oven that literally could not handle the holiday stress.

Try this turkey breast and roasted vegetable recipe that takes about 20 minutes to prep and cooks safely in your crockpot.

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