The 20 Texas Things Perfect for Holiday Gift-Giving

Because biscuits just taste better in the shape of the Lone Star State.

When you have a connection to the Lone Star State, you just can't shake it. So whether you're from Texas, or you have an affinity for the second largest state in the Union, these are the items you need to declare your pride loud and for all to hear. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the backyard, you can never have too much Texas in your home.

Get ready to be the talk of the town, or the block, with these fantastic items full of state pride.

1. Texas Skillet

This is not a decorative piece of Lone Star memorabilia, this is a kitchen workhorse that just happens to be shaped like Texas. Take it from the oven to the open grill to the kitchen countertop and serve your queso with delight.

Find it hand-crafted here from the American Skillet Company.

2. Texas Coasters

So there are two ways you can go with Texas coasters, and neither are wrong.

Go for the Texas-shaped coasters with whimsical writing on it with a set of four coasters. They're even available for free 2-day shipping for Prime members.

Or you could go for the classic Texas flag coasters, also for a set of four.

3. Texas Map Clock

Sure, you could go for the traditional Lone Star clock, or you could embrace the geographical superiority of Texas and purchase this pretty awesome map wall clock instead. This 1917 map of Texas is a cool ode to the history of the land.

4. Texas Afghan Throw

I'm not saying that all Texas items are cheesy, but I'm saying that a few under-appreciated nods to the Lone Star State here and there go a long way. This beautiful afghan throw blanket is just that.

Draped gracefully over the couch for post-King Ranch casserole naps, this throw blanket is an understated way to cover yourself in Texas love.

5. Texas BBQ Branding Iron

Do you know that person, perhaps your father or grandfather, who lives and dies by Texas-bred steak? This BBQ branding iron in the shape of the state is exactly what they need to declare their allegiance.

This will delight any grillmaster that knows their way around a fire, whether it's grill-side or an old-school pit in the ground.

6. Texas Wine Glasses

Like the coasters, there are two options for Texas-style wine glasses.

The first is that you could go for broke with these hand-painted and vibrant wine glasses with stems. They're a beautiful ode to everything wonderful about the Lone Star State.

The other option is a set of four stem-less wine glasses that are more elegant nod to Texas with the state engraved on the glass and a simple word: home. This set is a beautiful way to say, I love you, to your favorite state.

7. Texas Floor Mat

I'll be honest, floor mats aren't my favorite, but they are a necessity for a variety of reasons. This rustic Texas floor mat is perfect for setting in front of the grill, or using in a home office to set a desk chair with wheels on. It's a pretty inexpensive way to declare your state pride anywhere.

8. Texas Dish Towels

Primitives by Kathy has become a hugely successful brand with Southern customers at heart, and this Texas dish towel is no exception. This pop art style dish towel proudly displays the best Texas has to offer.

Full disclosure, the Wide Open Eats test kitchen has three of these dish towels and we fully stand by their reputation. They haven't even faded a wink in the laundry yet after a year of use!

9. Texas Wall Art

You can have as many Texas items as your heart dang well pleases, and they all will go together if they're done in an aesthetically pleasing way. Here are a few of our favorite options.

This state shape box sign, again by Primitives by Kathy, is filled in with the names of iconic Texas towns in the background of the foreground cut-out shape.

Alternatively, if you're in a funkier design mood, you could go for this beautiful typography map of Texas filled in with city names. Choose from an Earth Tone, Rainbow, or a Black and White color scheme.

The third option is a print that highlights the best Texas has to offer with this bluebonnet letterpress print. This vivid and detailed print is an understated nod to Texas.

10. Texas Cutting Board

This Texas cutting board isn't only a fantastic, sturdy cutting board, but it's also an excellent serving platter for get-togethers at home. This board was manufactured in the U.S.A. and is easy to clean with a simple warm water and sponge combination.

11. Texas Waffle Maker

If you're going to own a waffle maker, it might as well make waffles in the shape of Texas, y'all. You can make way more than waffles in this Texas waffle maker and each recipe is more delicious than the last.

12. Lone Star-Opoly

Like the waffle maker, why play Monopoly when you can play Lone Star-Opoly? For two to six players, this combines everything you love (and hate) about the original game, and puts it into Texas form.

Say goodbye to the yorkie and iron tokens and say hello to the pepper, football, oil drill, longhorn, and more tokens.

13. Cuddle-Worthy Longhorn

This longhorn stuffed animal will infuse the love of Texas into any tiny person, regardless of age. It's an adorable addition to a nursery will become attached to the hip of its owner, guaranteed.

14. Good Night Texas Texas

This children's book explores Big Bend National Park, Galveston Island, the Alamo, bluebonnet fields, the San Antonio Riverwalk, and more! Fill a child's bedtime with delight by touring them through Texas. It will become a revered classic in the home.

James Michener's classic Texas spans four and a half centuries of Texas history, from conquistadors to the idea of Texit in contemporary times. This patriot's tale will delight any closet historian and is a beaut on the bookshelf.

15. Texas Boot Wine Holder

Set out your best bottle of wine in this boot wine bottle holder that is perfect for your favorite Texan (or yourself)! This wine bottle holder sits quietly on your counter for the right moment when it's time to bring out the party.

16. Stonewall Kitchen Texas Rub

This 4-ounce jar of Texas-inspired BBQ rub has flavors of brown sugar, molasses, and spices to create the perfect blend of smoke and sweet.

Bring the taste of Texas into your kitchen every single day with this rub that pairs with everything beef.

17. Texas-Scented Candle

This candle was made to smell just like Texas - hints of ruby red grapefruits, ripened in the Texas sun, with hints of leather, warmed on the reigns.

This is such a delightful gift, you can almost smell the range from here.

18. Texas Growler

This growler with the state of Texas on the bottle is the perfect ode to the Lone Star State for your favorite brewer or beer-lover.

Take it to St. Elmo Brewing in Austin, Shannon Brewing Co. in Killeen, El Paso Brewing Co., Long Wooden Spoon Brewing in Amarillo, or any other brewery you spot in Texas.

19. Texas Cookbooks

Texas-themed cookbooks aren't hard to come by, but it's all about finding the classics. We have two delicious options.

The Texas Cowboy Kitchen is full of classic odes to the Lone Star Steak, from Frito pie to skirt steak marinated in Dr. Pepper.

Eat like a Texan for only $7.05 and love every single second of it.

The Homesick Texan's Family Table: Lone Star Cooking from My Kitchen to Yours is a gift of love from the famed food blogger, Lisa Fain.

Over 125 recipes with a classic Texan spin, this cookbook will be well-worn in a matter of weeks.

20. State Beer Cap Map

This Texas beer cap map is the perfect way to collect caps from breweries around the state. There are more than enough microbreweries in each spot with its own rightful brewery.

This post was originally published in February 2017.

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